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    Looking for a "smart" indoor trainer - your opinions needed

    Hey Guys, So, the season is winding down, fall and winter are around the corner. I just participated in a local GranFondo Century. I had a lot of fun and now that my season is nearly complete, I'm making plans for training during the off season. Over the past few years, I've resorted to...
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    Wax On, Wax Off? Should I Wax My Bike Frame?

    Hey guys, Real quick question. I like to keep my road bike clean, Is it worth waxing the frame? If so, which wax should i use and how often? Cheers, grecinos
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    Help With Shimano Ultegra 11 Speed Di2 Rear Derailleur & 11/32t Cassette

    Hey guys, I'm going to upgrade my current 10 Speed Ultegra Di2 Componentry to 11 Speed Ultegra Di2. My rationale is that I would like to have an 11/32T rear cassette, I currently have an 11/28T. My question is, what is the difference between a GS and an SS Cage? Will this derailleur work...
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    Took A Spill, How To Treat The Wounds?

    Hey guys, I went for a ride this past Monday. I took a spill that caused me to go head over heal on to the pavement. I haven't had this happen in over 10 to 15 years. I landed on my right side. I have soreness in the ribs. I can breath fine, but it hurts when I make certain types of...
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    Too Many Flats On One Of My Favorite Routes - What To Do?

    Hey guys, I live out in the country and I have 3 routes that I frequent. One of which has a bike lane. My problem is that I've been getting many flat tires on that stretch of road. The culprit, thorns... I got a flat tire today and about 5 others in the past two months, all due to thorns...
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    What Is Your Favorite Cytomax Flavor?

    Hey guys, I've been using Cytomax for the past 2 or 3 months. I'm running low and I need to order more. I've tried the berry and tropical flavors. Of the two, I like the berry flavor by a long shot. For those using using Cytomax, what is favorite flavor? Cheers, grecinos P.S. if this...
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    What's Your Favorite Cytomax Flavor?

    Hey guys, I've been using Cytomax for about 2 or 3 months now. I'm running low and need to order more. I've tried the tropical and berry flavors. Of the two, I like berry by a long shot. I'm wondering what is everyone else's favorite flavor? Cheers, grecinos