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    Time Trial postion sitting on 1 side more?

    Time trialing.. has anyone had the feeling of sitting on one side of the saddle? I seem to and its slightly chafes me
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    Helmet padding

    Hi I have the Specialized Propero Il Helmet 2012 and looking for replacement pads in the helmet as one part has lost its sticky I cant seem to find any online Picture of them Anyone seen them before or know if any others will stick? Or even worth gluing the old piece back to the...
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    question about 9spd cassette and 10spd durace

    Is it possible to put my 9spd casstete, my road wheel on my tt bike which is 10speed (dura ace derailuer, 105 cranks dura ace shifters
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    Help me get a better fit

    Im 6"3 58 frame (wont be able to change frame size) Pictures of what I look like now
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    Spinning Cranks round

    Not sure where to post this but i was wondering about cranks on both bike winter and racer On my winter bike when i spin the cranks backwards its spins round about 3 or 4 times On my racer bike when i spin the cranks backwards its spins round about half a turn I noticed when i built my...
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    Chain Oil/Lube

    Hi I was wondering when you buy a new bike or a new chain the chain is already sorta dryed lube is it possible to buy this type of lube? Seems much better and less messy then the other oils.
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    La Vuelta A Espana Highlights of Stage 20? Anyone?

    Hi am looking to find and watch La Vuelta A Espana highlights of Stage 20.. Usually watch them here But doesn't seem to be there only the review and not the video Anyone know where I can watch it? I do not want to watch it on...
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    La Vuelta highlights?

    Where can I watch the highlights of the La Vuelta? Thanks I need to catch up on Stage 4 and 5.
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    To much weight on the gooch?

    Hi not sure where to post this but when im racing and going hard i always need to sit on the nose to push hard I cant push hard when im sitting back Im never sitting on my sit bones. sitting on the nose kills my gooch feels like a burning feel but im guessing that sitting on it is stopping the...
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    Where can i Watch the whole stage 3 I dont want highlights I want the whole stage repeated on a site

    Where can i Watch the whole stage 3 I dont want highlights I want the whole stage repeated on a site anyone know?
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    British Cycling Licence

    Hi last year got a special offer on britishcycling for £12 it came with membership and a race licence yesterdays race I only just noticed that it says provisional on it and the lady said its provisional on it I've raced on it before and today yesterdays race but only pointed out that it was...
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    Innertubes and Patches

    Ok ive done lots of innertubes with punctures but i cant seem to repair them i do it properly but they all go down over night. Why? Sometimes they leak straight away and you can hear it i've had family try and they cant do it either. Even been to the bike shop and they told us what to do and...
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    First Race

    Dont know where to post this but i have my first race tommorrow. Closed Circuit 1 hour + 5 laps i have a few questions can i buy the licence on the day? It says i can pay on the day so im guessing you can? I was told by a friend that i ride with thats doing it aswell that Cat 1s- Cat 4 will be...
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    Chain Skipping..

    I've brought a new chain and cassette and its been skipping recently i took it to the bike shop to get it fitted tried it out it skipped took it back for them to sort and it still skips what could be the problem? Its clean. I've never replace the chain ring. And I've got no money to buy another...
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    PSI Pump

    I've popped 2 tubes today using my PSI pump and it said 110 Psi and it popped which is the max Psi for it but about 20 mins ago i just pumped up a wheel it said 15 psi but it was rock solid, so does it sound like the pump is broken? Can it be fixed? This is the pump i use...
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    First Time Trial

    I got 27:03 on a aluminum road bike i would of got around 26:58 if i didnt slow down wondering where to stop untill got pointed had headwind all the way round 21mph winds. Is there any tips for the next TT i do?
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    Crashed last night Need new front Wheel.

    Had a big crash last night.. Done all my hip in big road rash on hip, another big cut above it, elbow all cut, leg and ankle all cut to.. that's not really the problem though.. My wheel on the bike buckled took it to the LBS and they done there best to straighten it up but there was something...
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    Raising Hoods and Grease/Oil CF Seat Post?

    Can the Hoods on Road handlebars be raised? The shifters or whatever. I just brought 42cm ones, but Ive had to adjust them so i can reach the drops comfy etc so that makes the hoods nearly flat. Can the hoods be adjusted upright so its more comfy for my hands? Or is there no way of raising them...
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    Strange Feeling Below??

    When riding standing up, I'd sit down then get this strange feeling in my penis its just like a shock/tingle but it sorta hurts, it make you feel like ouch make you cringe sorta. Then it will go within like a second if i stand up then sit down again it will do the same until i have a move around...