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  1. JamesAA

    Defining a "rest day" after overtraining

    My legs have been dead all week. Ironically I did LESS activity this week. I'm guessing it's the culmination of what I was doing in the 6-8 weeks prior that caught up with me. I was sprinting a lot (on and off the bike). To make matters worse I'm sleeping poorly, which doesn't help with...
  2. JamesAA

    How much is too much

    I tend to cycle an hour a day, 7 days a week. Some days my legs are dead and I just coast. Other days I feel like I'm 18 (unfortunately I'm 43 in reality) and I'll mix in some sprints during that time. But lately my legs have been feeling really sluggish. I know tons of people that cycle...
  3. JamesAA

    Out Of Saddle Or In Saddle On Climbs?

    What's harder, cycling in the saddle or out on climbs (climbs with maybe a 6-10% slope/grade)? For me it seems my HR gets higher faster out of the saddle (as opposed to sitting, in which case I can keep my HR at a slightly lower bpm).
  4. JamesAA

    What Percent Gradient To Use Lowest Gear On?

    I was on a short climb that ranges in gradient between 6.5% to 10%, and I was in the lowest gear the whole time. Is 7-8% not really steep enough to be using the lowest gear? I don't have a very expensive back. I'm not sure what the gear ratios are but it does have 21 gears (3 and 7), even...
  5. JamesAA

    What If They Go Into Final Stage In Paris With Leader Only Ahead By 1 Second?

    Would the cyclist in 2nd place, just 1 second behind the leader, not attack the leader due to etiquette?
  6. JamesAA

    Does Anyone Else Like Night Bike Rides?

    Here in the bay area, there's so much traffic during the day. I feel I am actually safer at night. Less cars, I'm more visible because of the lights, and I don't have to worry about driver's not seeing me due to being blinded by a low horizon sun.
  7. JamesAA

    Why Do Pro Cyclists Wear Earphones?

    Is it to listen to music or to hear messages being relayed to them by team managers?
  8. JamesAA

    Why Is Having A Teammate Alongside You On A Climb Important?

    Phil and Paul were talking about the GC leaders being benefited by having a teammate along with them on the big climbs--such as Froome having Porte, Quintana having Valverde, Van Garderen having Samuel Sanchez, etc. I assume it's for pace making purposes but can't Teejay Van Garderen just use...
  9. JamesAA

    Richie Porte In 2nd Place King Of Mountains Yet Wearing Polka Dot Jersey

    Ok I get that Froome is the overall leader AND the leader in the King of The Mountains category and that he cannot obviously wear both jerseys. So he gave the polka dot jersey to his teammate, Richie Porte who is in 2nd place in the KOTM category. BUT what if Richie was on another team? What...
  10. JamesAA

    How To Gauge The Category Of A Local Climb?

    The one in question is the ascent from Saratoga to Skyline Rd. 6.5 miles, 2090' climb, 6.6% avg gradient. Would this be a Cat 1 in Le Tour? Here's a brief description of the climb, though I'm sure any cyclist in the bay area knows this one...
  11. JamesAA

    What If There Are 2 Contenders On Same Team In Tour De France?

    Suppose there are two riders on the same team that are neck and neck in total time near the end. Do they compete against each other??? I've only been watching the tour for a few years and all I know is that teams do everything they can to help each other, so I was wondering what would happen...
  12. JamesAA

    Average METs, pro cyclist?

    Was wondering how many METs a pro cyclist averages over the course of a day racing, say one of the Tour's stages? And for us non super athletes, what's a decent amount of METs to average while cycling for a short 1 hour ride?
  13. JamesAA

    Short, 12% Incline Was Hard. Normal???

    I consider myself to be in reasonably good shape. Not stellar, but I'm pretty active. I tackled a very short (110 feet elevation gain) 12% grade last night. It took me 90 seconds to climb, and I was taking it very very easy...not at all trying to race up it. By the time I got to the top my heart...
  14. JamesAA

    Noob trying to determine if I'm best suited for Climbs, TTs, or Sprints

    Loving cycling! I'm 5'6, 156 lbs, and muscular (upper body) for a cyclist. I'm a former wide receiver (Wes Welker type build). I'm guessing sprints would be my strengths. However based on my height/weight could I be a good climber or am I just too heavy (for my height)? What about TTs...
  15. JamesAA

    Should I bike be "feel" or by Heart Rate?

    I often want to push myself harder but I look at my HR monitor and see it creeping at around 160 bpm, and I back off. This is supposedly an "anaerobic" zone for for someone my age (40 years old). But on shorter rides I feel like pedaling at a rate in which my HR is around 155 bpm is too slow...
  16. JamesAA

    What Heart Rate on Rides? Is 150bpm too high?

    150bpm seem to be my number. 155bpm is hard for me to sustain for a great length of time. 145bpm I can do all day. Do any of you ride at 150bpm or higher on rides (rides at least lasting 1 hour)? I'm talking about flat rides real gradients. Oh and I averaged 18 mph, but the...
  17. JamesAA

    Recovery Drink When Sprints Are Early in Workout Program. Stop and Take Drink Immediately After Spr

    Title basically tells the tale. Sometimes I do my HIIT (bike sprints) early in my workout since my legs are nice and fresh, and then I'll just cruise for an 1 to 1.5 hours at an aerobic pace. I know it's important to get the recovery drink (protein, carbs, etc) as soon as possible post...
  18. JamesAA

    Ellipitcal Machine Good Training Mechanism For Cycling?

    I don't do the elliptical that much but was on one earlier today. I was using the stationary handles in the middle (not the mobile ones on the outside that simulate cross-country skiing). Anyway it felt very similar to powering thru on my bike, out of the saddle. Are the muscles used very...
  19. JamesAA

    Is the last stage of le tour a mere formality?

    After today's TT and 2nd to last stage, Phil and Paul made it sound like the podium was already set. Spots 2 and 3 are still relatively close, however. So is the last stage in the tour pretty much a formality? Is there some sort of cyclists "code" to not mess up the order of the top 3...
  20. JamesAA

    Ice Jacket Right Before A Time Trial???

    Before Pinot was about to go on hi TT the cameras showed him warming up on the stationary. Looked like a fan was blowing on him. But just minutes before he started the TT, he was sitting down on a bench wearing an ice jacket. I thought riders wanted to have their bodies warm right before they...