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  1. Lenkearney

    Legs not aching after hardest session. Overtrained?

    A related question- I am 69 and a recreational rider (avg 25-35 mile rides @14-14 MPH avg) - I started doing HIT spin classes to build strength- Issue is whenever I do one of these classes- I can't sleep that night. Did one yesterday at noon- last night I was up until 3 am. Got up at 8AM...
  2. Lenkearney

    Is it just age?

    I can relate- I am 69, 5'8" and 200# - took me a while to get beyond 20 - now I am doing 30s, with plans to do 40s. couple suggestions.. -I can't go hard every day - sometimes not even every other day. How fast are you doing your 20? If you slow down can you go longer? I do a ride a...
  3. Lenkearney

    Pain, pain and more pain

    did not see any additional information. there are smarter folks than me here, but my thoughts are: butt pain - your anatomy is unique to you and it takes a while to find a saddle that matches you and your riding style. expensive is not always better. Cushioning may feel good on short...
  4. Lenkearney

    Anyone else have trouble sleeping after hit workout?

    I have been doing an ICG power spin class to improve my ftp numbers (currently 169 - don't laugh) - after the class I am totally exhausted. I go to bed so tired it hurts, but can't fall asleep. It's possible I an dropping off and waking up - but bottom line is I am tired the next couple...
  5. Lenkearney

    Stamina problems - any advice?

    so how are you doing?
  6. Lenkearney

    Stamina problems - any advice?

    the ability to exercise is "use it or lose it". Sounds like you have never been particularly athletic so you need to build your body's base capability. This usually falls in one of two camps - Cardio or strength. After the doctor visit, I would suggest cardio first and start by walking...
  7. Lenkearney

    It's killing me but..........

    ok, i am new- what is a 2X20? I get the wattage you are talking about - what is the L3 (or L4) you guys talk about ? I assume a heartrate level? I am 67 (205#) and working on increasing speed and distance. I am hoping to find some advice on workout effort and recovery. Currently...
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    yes- improper fit can cause many problems including thigh pain. Dont go by rules of thumb (tip toe on street) go to a reputable bike shop and have the bike fitted. There are many small adjustments that can make a maor difference. Godspeed
  9. Lenkearney

    Best Bikes for fat guys

    Yes. You may want to consider a touring bike- longer wheelbase, heavier frame, lower gearing.... Hybrids have a more upright position, straight handlebars instead of drop handles - and may be a little easier to get started on. Look for a bike that feels comfortable to you. If its not...