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  1. tanggoman

    Bombshell - Rasmussen will not start tour tomorrow... what else is new!
  2. tanggoman

    Transmission icon in receiver blinking

    Hi all PT users, As what the subject says, is this time to change the battery of the receiver? or the hub? Or both? I have a ride this Sunday on the TOC's category 1 Sierra Road, I dont want it to be dying out on me! Thanks!
  3. tanggoman

    Look to Speedplay - How far should the seat height be lowered?

    Hi all, I just want to ask anyone who has the chance to go from Look pedals to Speedplay. I'm currently using classic Look, so how far should the seat be lowered if I use Speedplay pedals (Zero)? Thanks!
  4. tanggoman

    Where to buy Shimano Compact Chainring (50T)

    Hi all, Does anyone know where to buy the front Shimano Compact Chainring (50T, 10speed)? All I see are chainrings for D/A, Ultegra, etc. Thanks!
  5. tanggoman

    Powertap How-To

    Does anyone know how to set the PT receiver to a cyclocomp and with its HRM enabled? Or is that even possible? Thanks!
  6. tanggoman

    Between CycleOps Fluid 2 and Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Trainer...

    Hi all, Winter is just around the corner and some of us, its the start of the indoor cycling season. Between Cycleops and Kurt, what do you guys with experiences on these 2 trainers highly recommend? I read the reviews of both and it seems that Kurt has the most realistic road feel of the two...
  7. tanggoman

    PT SL Torque Mode

    I was following the manual on how to zero torque. It says on the manual: "To display torque mode, hold down the select button for two seconds while on the watts display in trip mode. The WATTS label is not visible with torque..." I followed it but what happens is that instead it dissappears...
  8. tanggoman

    WKO+ 2.1 Trial Version

    Hi all, I am currently using the trial version and its going to expire in a few days time. When buying the full version, do I need to download or just need the key to unlock the whole thing? Also, since I'm the only one using it, what kind of Edition do I need - Athlete, Unlimited, etc? Thanks!
  9. tanggoman

    For those who have PT SL... its those wires!

    What kind of tape did you guys use to put those wiring neatly in place? I know zip ties wont do any good as its going to look like sh!t!!! Any suggestions/ideas? Thanks.
  10. tanggoman

    Doing initial test to get MAP

    Hi all, I'm getting a PT within the next few weeks and was wondering how to do the initial test so I can dial in the zones. Richard Stern's website recommends it doing it on an indoor trainer. Unfortunately, I dont have an indoor trainer. Can the test be done outdoors, say on an uphill climb...
  11. tanggoman

    Easton EC90 SLX fork - that ring thing that came with the fork

    Does anyone know if I can just use the compression plug instead of this ring thing in adjusting the headset? Has anyone done that? Will it void the warranty? Thanks!
  12. tanggoman

    Shimano Compact Cranks

    Hello - Can I use FSA MegaEXO BB on a Shimano R700 compact cranks? Thanks
  13. tanggoman

    Look Pedal Service Maintenance

    Hi all, Does anyone know if Look pedal axle bearings are serviceable? I have a CX6 and I notice that it doesnt turn smoothly anymore. If so, what kind of tool I need to use. Thanks! :)
  14. tanggoman

    Mavic FTS Hubs

    Does anyone know how to go about removing this freehub? Do I need a special tool to do this? This is for the 2002 or newer freehub bodies. Thanks! :)
  15. tanggoman

    Where is Phil Liggett?

    I noticed that in the coverage of Tour of Calif and OLN's coverage of Cyclysm Sundays, you can only hear and see Bobke and Paul Sherwen, where is Phil? Is he still with OLN? :)
  16. tanggoman

    Lance Armstrong on SNL
  17. tanggoman

    LA in Larry King Live tonight
  18. tanggoman

    Fuji Carbon Bikes - Your thoughts?

    I just bought this 2005 Fuji Professional Carbon bike last weekend. I got it at a good discount price in one of the Performance Bike shops near where I live. Any thoughts on the durability/quality of Fuji carbon bikes? Can they be compared to Trek, Giant and some other top brand bikes? Thanks...
  19. tanggoman

    How to remove clicking noise on the handlebar/stem/headset...

    When doing out-of-saddle pedalling (i.e., putting pressure on the handlebars), there is a clicking noise in the handlebar/stem/headset area. I have tighten this area but the clicks are still there. The handlebar is carbon, stem aluminum and the fork has a full carbon steerer. I know grease is...
  20. tanggoman

    Pressing Tool for Square-Tapered BB

    It says in the park tools website that the nut itself is the pressing tool but when I tried it, the cranks only go halfway on the BB spindle. Doea anyone know what kind of pressing tool to use in installation of cranks with square-tapered BB? Thanks.