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  1. Lazarus-g

    Do hills have rhythm

    Hi Steve and Vo2 and everybody it's been a while. Apart from waiting for the obvious jokes (come on I'm dying to hear them) it's a serious question. Do hills have a rhythm that is best suited to them ? I ask this question because today I climbed a hill and it felt just right. The tempo was...
  2. Lazarus-g

    How you all doing ?

    Hi Steve,Vo2 and everyone. How are you all doing ? Hope your doing good. Vo2 a rugby thread !:D by the way the answer's England. Did you get the mess sorted out after you had your car stolen or did you spend the insurance money on a new bike. I'm still riding that bloody roadbike that you...
  3. Lazarus-g


    Yesterday I went out for a ride with the usual results except one. I found myself at the top of a hill with no knowledge of getting there, (I'd been daydreaming), what astounded me was that I felt great, no shortage of breath, no ache in my legs, nothing. It was wonderful:) In work today I...
  4. Lazarus-g

    merry Christmas

    I'd just like to wish everybody on Cycling Forums a very Happy Christmas and an excellent New Year.<br /><br />wishing you the best.<br /><br />Laz.
  5. Lazarus-g

    What a ride !

    How can it be ?<br /><br />Statistics.<br /><br />time = 3.5 hours<br />miles = 24<br />avg speed = 6.8mph !!!<br />Punctures = 3 <br />temp = a few degrees above freezing<br />weather = rain except when higher up the mountain which meant I was in the cloud.<br /><br />Result<br /><br />Pure...
  6. Lazarus-g

    Irresponsible %!*&

    This has made the papers (only just) over here.<br /><br />;method=full&amp;siteid=50143<br /><br />I know the subject matter is not funny in the least, but I do find it amusing that they found the tosspot in a locker hiding. It...
  7. Lazarus-g

    Unhappy Christmas

    So it seems not all of you from SA are animal lovers ;)<br /><br />It's taken the shine off his Christmas ;D
  8. Lazarus-g

    not again

    Did you hear the story about the guy who was reading posts on Cycling forums only to notice that the hamster cage was open and no sign of the hamster anywhere.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />I'll let you know how the story ends. :)
  9. Lazarus-g


    How long should a chain last ? and how can you really tell when it's time to change it ?<br /><br />The bad weather finally killed off my bottom bracket which I duly changed today, but in the process noticed the chain was loose and I remember seeing a picture where it showed if you can pull the...
  10. Lazarus-g

    Cheap Christmas Presents

    As we all know X-mas is coming and it's time for present giving and recieving ;D.<br /><br />So now it's time to write a wish list, the deal is though I they have to be cheap. I'm not talking about a new bike or wheelset, I'm talking about stocking fillers.<br /><br />For example a Continental...
  11. Lazarus-g

    Seatstay Bolts

    Just a small question that's been running through my mind.<br /><br />What the hell are those two bolts on the seatstay' of my Mtb for ? there's one on either side about the same level as the brakes.
  12. Lazarus-g


    I cycle either to work or home in the dark depending on the shift, and whilst I wear a brightly coloured jacket with reflective strip on it, it mostly hidden by my rucksack.<br /><br />The rucksack I have now is actually my sons, but I stole it off him because it had a flashing light on it. I...
  13. Lazarus-g

    53 guests,11 users

    At this moment there are 64 people on this site.<br /><br />Wow !<br /><br />C'mon Everybody this place should be redhot with discussions, Jump in, say something, anything :D.<br /><br />Most of us don't bite ;D<br /><br />Laz.
  14. Lazarus-g

    Cycling Etiquette

    Okay this is the deal. I ride solo all the time so I don't really know how to ride with somebody else. Yesterday I caught up with another rider and after a small chat realised he was going the same way so we rode together.<br /><br />I took the lead and after a while he did, the pace dropped...
  15. Lazarus-g

    Preparing for winter

    The weather is starting to get cold and WET and I was wondering about tyres, the tyres on the bike are Hutchinson Reflex, that came with the bike.Should I change them for something more suited to winter riding and if so what ?<br /><br />Also is there anything else I can do to prepare the bike...
  16. Lazarus-g

    Not Again !

    As some of you know I bought a road bike in june and it's been wonderful, until yesterday &gt;:(<br /><br />About 25 miles from home the magnet started to touch the sensor so I moved the sensor thinking that it had moved. within the next 10 miles the wheel gradually gave up it's will to...
  17. Lazarus-g

    Chainset ?

    My Mtb has 22/32/42 chainset and to be totally honest it's virtually redundant, I live on the largest gear and I can honestly say I haven't touched the smallest gear this year .<br /><br />So the question is what should I upgrade to ? I'm tempted to get a similar set up to the road bike 30/42/52...
  18. Lazarus-g


    I've just got to get it off my chest.<br /><br />Life sucks !!<br /><br />A good friend of mine had a stroke a couple of days ago and now he's in hospital.<br /><br />The guy is 35 ! and one of the nicest people I know. there are many things I could tell you about him but if I mention that he...
  19. Lazarus-g

    Guest - member

    Steve how come on some topics I'll be a Snr Member but on others I'll be a guest.<br /><br />I should point out it's not just me but everybody else.<br /><br />Not a problem but I'm curious, because the first time I noticed I thought I hadn't logged on.
  20. Lazarus-g

    66 Teeth !

    I was watching &quot;the History of the Kamikaze&quot; today and that is one crazy race that deserves it name, but what intrigued me was when they discussed what gear they were using on the front, some were using 52 which I recognize and then it started to get wild.<br /><br />Some said 58, some...