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  1. david.poole

    Upgrading a Raleigh Record Sprint

    Mine is 100% original and a Mk1 and yes it had gold brake cables, brakes, oak leaves, front emblem etc and a chain that just didn't rust. The Mk1 had Shimano rear mech but the Mk2 was a cheaper bike and had some other rear mech. The front mech was a Stachs something or other. I would love to...
  2. david.poole

    Hibernating bikes

    I commute to work on my bike whenever I can. Between early December and late February it is too dark to do this safely so I store the bike for a bit. Does anyone have any good maintenance tips for storing the bike? I've found that WD40 and similar products are only a good idea for loosening...
  3. david.poole

    Pre/Post-ride rituals

    I tend to cycle for stress relief so my routine sounds like a script for stressed Eric. Feed kids breakfast so they don't whinge and wake the wife. Swear under my breath because the kids have not put the shed keys back where they got them and I can't get at the bike. Find keys (down the loo...
  4. david.poole

    Boy, are you gonna hate this.

    The problem with the UN is that it is management by committee, which is never a good idea when weapons are involved. Over here in the UK the Iraq conflict had nothing to do with the war on terror, but on the premise that Sadam could deploy WMD in 45 minutes. The French said no to the war...
  5. david.poole

    Where do you live and what do you do?

    South of Manchester and mostly commuting, though occassional decent runs around Cheshire and Derbyshire when the wife and kids let me.
  6. david.poole


    I have a similar problem, also noises at a certain pitch have the same affect. For me it started when I had a change of hearing aid and the audiologist decided to give me sealed ear moulds rather than ones with a vent in them. I would therefore concur with the inner ear diagnosis. Try...
  7. david.poole

    Boy, are you gonna hate this.

    I can forgive the French many things but not Gustav Flaubert or Charles de Gaulle. I heard a quote where Mrs de Gaulle was asked what the most important thing in marriage. "A penis" she replied. "No my dear" said the general "I think it is pronounced 'appiness." Just to keep this thread...
  8. david.poole

    Boy, are you gonna hate this.

    Thanks for giving a considered response, rather than flame mail. They say that America and Britain are nations divided by a common language. What I meant by trusting a policeman who doesn't look young with a fire arms is trusting someone old enough and hopefully wise enough to know when to...
  9. david.poole

    Boy, are you gonna hate this.

    By the time a man thinks his father may have been right he probably has a son who thinks he is wrong:rolleyes: My thing against handguns is that I can't honestly say who I would trust to hold one. Possibly a police officer (preferably one who doesn't look young) and possibly a soldier in...
  10. david.poole

    Boy, are you gonna hate this.

    I can confirm that a shotgun is a very effective detterent, just be very careful where you fire it. Fire it in an enclosed space and you can kiss your eardrums goodbye. My wife's uncle used to load his with rock salt for when youths used to scrump apples from his orchard. Of course when I was...
  11. david.poole

    Don't cha' just hate it when...

    Over here in the UK we have Haynes manuals for cars which are based on a complete strip down and rebuild of each and every component. It is a right of passage that you will get one when you get your first car.....and try to use it. The principle I worked on was that if any instruction started...
  12. david.poole

    Unfair bike shop website in UK

    In the UK if you have trouble with a supplier and your credit card company won't help (bug suprise there) then try contacting your local Citizens Advice bureau. If they can't help directly then they will almost certainly know someone who can. Failing that go and see your local trading...
  13. david.poole

    commuting bike

    I bought a Dawes Discovery 401 as an all round bike that I use for commuting. With Armadillo tyres you can keep a steady 19-20mph and its comfy! Its also ideal for putting cycle racks, tow bars etc on it. My racer is much faster but as I'm nearly 37 I'm much more into comfort now.
  14. david.poole

    Boy, are you gonna hate this.

    I don't think anyone in the civilized world will ever forget the American 9/11. If you are America then you think that America is the centre of the universe. America isn't the only place that has suffered from terrorist attacks. It wasn't that long ago that the IRA bombed the centre of...
  15. david.poole

    Boy, are you gonna hate this.

    I'm British so the idea of carrying a weapon of any sort is rather alien. I've both read and seen "Bowling for Columbine" and, bear in mind I am not American, my take on the America and guns thing is that a) Something that is part of the American constitution "the right to bare arms" has...
  16. david.poole

    Hussein Captured!

    I'll be glad when the Iraqi's have reliable electricity, water and petrol supplies. The few Iraqis that I have met have been pretty decent, as have the Libyans. They're not all mad mullahs, so in the spirit of Christmas I should like to wish the 99.9% all the best.
  17. david.poole

    Upgrading a Raleigh Record Sprint

    I have one of the original Raleigh Record Sprints and want to upgrade it. The problem is that I don't know where to begin. I like the way that modern racing bikes have their brakes and gears integrated into the handlebars. Is it possible to do this on such an old bike? What is involved and...
  18. david.poole

    How Fast Have You Gone?

    I'm not sure, but coming down from the "Cat and Fiddle" on the Macclesfield to Buxton Road I got my knee down on a few corners. I got followed down by a couple of Hells Angels so I had an incentive. Turned out they just wanted to know who was daft enough to lean a peddle bike that far over...