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    This Forum Has Gotten Irritating Thanks To Apathetic Mods And Jswin

    I like the folks on this forum and use to enjoy going online to read about things. But that is no longer true. I cannot beleive that the moderators have allowed one individual to systematically start ressurecting every old thread he can find. IMO it is ridiculus that this is allowed to...
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    Fuji Transonic Came In!

    My bike came in and I got fitted for it today. Going for a ride tommorrow!
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    Pro Falcon Saddle Or Sella Italia: Any Thoughts? Thinking about that one or this one...
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    What Seat Bag Is Good For An Aero Style Bike?

    I am getting my Fuji Transonic in soon and realized I need another seat bag. Are there bags designed for the aero style seat post instead of the traditional round type? Also, any advice on a tail light for this type of seat post?
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    Ultegra Di2 Or Mechanical 6800? Need Advice Soon!

    I know this thread has to be here somewhere but I could not find one. I am getting my new bike this week. I just need to decide on Di2 or mechanical setup. I would welcome any advice form anyone with pros and cons. The biggest worry I have with Di2 is I "heard" that the servos last about 2-5...
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    A Question For The Forum Experts:what Level Am I? Intermediate, Advanced, Recreation?

    What level am I? Intermediate, advanced, recreation? I really don't know. I never bike in groups and don't hang out with folks that cycle. I have nothing to compare myself and times with. I commute either 16 or 25 miles each way from work at an average of 17-18 MPH. I do 50 milers on...
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    Fuji Transonic Or Cervelo R3?

    Fuji Transonic or Cervelo R3? I am looking at both. (either Ultegra mechanical or Di2). I commute in San Antonio (25 miles one way and 16 back home) and on weekends do 50 milers out in farmland with no traffic. My communte in the morning has no traffic but I have some city traffic in the...