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  1. N_laplaca

    Polar Precision error correction Problem

    Does anyone have any idea how to error correct a large error in the software? In the past I have only had to error correct very small spikes which was easy. Yesterday I had a situation when I stopped at a store. The unit kept on running and ten minutes later when I was about to leave I noticed...
  2. N_laplaca

    Cycleops fluid 2 making noise?

    My fluid 2 is nearly 3 years old. Late last year it started making a ticking sound when it warms up. This takes about 20 minutes of pedaling. it only occurs when the cadence is low. Say around 70 rpms. It sounds similar to the sound the drivetrain makes when freewheeling but louder. Any Ideas...
  3. N_laplaca

    Hard shifting sti levers

    My ultegra sti shifters on both the front and rear derailleur have become hard to shift. I tried lubing the pivot points on both derailleur's and the shifters themselves. Initially I thought this helped but not really. Maybe I am overlooking something? Also when I shift from the large to small...
  4. N_laplaca

    Odd Pedal problem

    I have a problem with my left pedal that is driving me crazy. I am using Shimano PD-R600 pedals.They are about 2 years old. I feel a slight popping when I am on the downstroke. Doesn't happen every revolution. There has to be a fair amount of pressure. I can't hear it, I just feel it. I...
  5. N_laplaca

    Backpack or Messenger bag?

    I am going to start commuting to work next week when I get my lights and other supplies for my bike. It's a 26 mile commute. I was looking for a backpack on performancebike and noticed bags from timbuk2. Is this a better option? Initially I thought I would just stash things at work but at some...
  6. N_laplaca

    Advice on light for commuting

    Looking for advice on a good light. I am planning on commuting to work maybe a couple days a week. It's 26 miles one way so it will be a bit of a commitment. I will need to leave home no later than 4:00 a.m. so obviously a light and vest will be essential. I will not need it for the return home...
  7. N_laplaca

    How far is your commute?

    With the price of gas skyrocketing I have been thinking about commuting a few days a week. My commute will be 26 miles 1 way. Just wondering what others commute is.
  8. N_laplaca

    keep getting dropped on hills?

    I went for a ride today with a real fast group. For the most part I could stay with them but when we got to the hills I got dropped most of the time. These hills were about 4-6%. The hills that took a minute or 2 to reach the top I was ok but the ones that took several minutes is where I had the...
  9. N_laplaca

    First Race in 1 month. Getting nervous

    I regestered for my first race coming up june 11th. It's a 14 mile loop with 1 major climb. Haven't got a chance to ride the course yet but I plan on it my next day off from work. I have been following Joe Friels guidlines. According to his plan Im actually only in base 3. That won't leave me...
  10. N_laplaca

    Editing the odometer on Polar 720i?

    Is there anyway to edit the odometer reading on this hrm? I see how to reset it to zero. I tried to edit it in the software but it tells me I have to reset the hrm first. Not sure what this means. Nick
  11. N_laplaca

    Self trained or coached?

    Just curious if those who race are self trained or use a coach to plan your training year. Nick
  12. N_laplaca

    Periodization question?

    I have been reading Chris carmichaels the ultimate ride. I haven't finished it yet but have some questions concerning periodization. First of all my goal is to build my fitness level to be able to give racing a shot next season. Next year will be my 3rd year on road bikes I live in New York...
  13. N_laplaca

    Heart rate after time off the bike

    There is so much discussion on heart rates on this forum, just wanted to add an observation of my own. I recently had a long layoff from riding. Rode only once in the last 10 days due to various reasons. Got back on today and went for an easy 25 mile flat ride. I have estimated my LTHR to be...
  14. N_laplaca

    Training/Riding Partners in Queensbury/Lake George N.Y.

    Looking for some people in the area to train with. Thinking of racing next year. The only Club I belong to doesn't always have rides Ideal for me on my days off or are just too far away.
  15. N_laplaca

    Lower back and climbing?

    I just bought a new bike that came equipped with a double(53-39) My last bike had a triple. I was a little hesitant about ordering the double. I wasn't using the small ring anymore with the exception of 2 hills. Both are of the same degree of difficulty and pretty much the same distance. Neither...
  16. N_laplaca

    Upgrade to double, advice?

    Hi, I bought my bike a year ago with a triple.(52,42,30) It was recommended to me to get the triple for climbing steep hills. It was a good idea at the time since I had not been on a bike in quite a while and never really rode that much anyway. Well I am pretty much addicted now and ride all...
  17. N_laplaca

    Rim Tape question

    I have been having flats very often lately. All on the rear. They are fortezza tricomp's. Anyway I put a brand new tube in, here in my living room. Couple of hours later I noticed that the tire was flat.It was a tiny pinhole. Hard to find. So I decided to pull the tube and tire off and inspect...
  18. N_laplaca

    Best puncture resistant tire?

    Just wondering what kind if luck people have had with their tires. I'm having a hell of a time with flats. I started out with Bontrager race lites which is what the bike came with.Got many flats. So I switched to Vredstein Fortezza. They seem to be even worse. I Got 2 flats just today.I have...
  19. N_laplaca

    Jacket recommendation?

    Looking for a nice jacket that will fit in a jersey pocket. The only jacket I have is a bit bulky and won't fit in a jersey pocket. Just want something that is ideal for early morning when it is a little cool that I can easily shed and store when it warms up. Nick
  20. N_laplaca

    Interval Advice

    I have been some reading lately on different training techniques. The more I read the more questions I have. I'm relatively new to cycling. I just got a heart rate monitor and was planning on using it for intervals. My particular polar model allows you to program an interval workout. My max...