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    Recommended pro road shop in sunrise fl ?

    Hi All, Could you please recommend pro road shops in Sunrise Forida ? Could be nice if I could also rent a bike for a couple of days :) Thanks!
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    Cervelo s5 seatpost slipps

    Hi everybody, Rode a 1st ride with a new Cervelo S5 (in a wet weather) and the seatpost slipped (approx 7 mm) Used an allen-4 key (like the one in the enclosed photo) until it slightly twisted. don't want to over torque.. Will appreciate your advice on how to resolve this Thanks!
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    Sizing Of S-works 6 2016 Road Shoes Comparing To Former Models

    Hi all, Does anyone have experience with the sizing of S-WORKS 6 2016 road shoes comparing to former models? Sizing remained exactly the same? Thanks!
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    Sizing Of S-works 6 2016 Road Shoes Comparing To Former Models

    Hi all, Does anyone have experience with the sizing of S-WORKS 6 2016 road shoes comparing to former models? Sizing remained exactly the same? Thanks!
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    How Do I Erase Posts ? :)

    All my attempts to upload a photo apparently created new identical posts :angry:
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    A Strange Drop In Ferritin

    Hello Guys, I am trying to find an explanation for an annoying blood test results. Iron, HB remain pretty much same like last year while Ferritin drops to Less than 50% Here's a print. If any of you knows what can cause such a drop, I will be Happy to learn Thanks a lot! for some reason I...
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    Shimano R320 shoe - rubber bits come off

    Hello All, Rubber bits at the below Shimano R320 shoe come off although the shoes are in great shape. I tried to glue other rubbers (those black straps used in attaching clamps to bike bars/post) but None of the glue types worked. (epoxy, Super7..) nothing holds. If anybody has an idea...
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    A question on Canyon Aeroad CF SLX's seatpost(s)

    Hi all, I am trying to figure what maximal Fore position the Canyon Aeroad CF SLX's seatpost(s) allow from the information in the site, and also from looking at recent photos (Katusha and Movistar's) I'm not sure what optional seatpost they allow in addition to the one in the original...
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    proanthocyanidins / pycnogenol - any insights ?

    Hi everyone, If you have insights about consumption of this specific AOX, I will be happy to hear I see that Lact-away recommend 375mg 3-4 hours prior to a race - I wonder if this does not impair mitochondrial adaptations to endurance training (such as claimed on C,E vitamines based AOX)...
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    eliminate drinks containing sodium ascorbate ?

    Hi all, considering the approach that Vit.C based antioxidants are actually not good for cycling performance, Would you think that drinks containing sodium ascorbate / ascorbic acid (Vit. C) should be eliminated ? Thanks!! Ride safely :)
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    An Iron / HB related unexplained matter

    Hello to you, I have an Iron / HB related unexplained matter that I wish to understand how it is possible - Will very much appreciate a possible serious explanation to that. Enclosed is a summary of blood tests results from several periodical test taken. last one this week - (yellow are...
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    Shimano 6800 vs 9000 group - any weight comparison link please ?

    Hi all, Checking for a friend who's getting a new bike what are the differences between the DA9000 (mechanical) and the Ultegra Weight, stiffness and price. will be happy to get a link to a comparison Thanks! 90
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    How many hours it takes heme-iron intake to be absorbed ?

    Hello to you, I am interested to learn how many hours it takes to consumed heme-iron to be absorbed and affect hemoglobin Anybody knows ? Thanks a lot.
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    Installation of TACX Vortex - need helpful material

    Hello All, I would like to help a (busy) friend who bought TACX Vortex and has difficulties in installing it (more on the electronic side I am told) If you have any helpul material / important tips from your experience (beside the formal manual), I'd be very happy to receive :) Thanks!!
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    Better workouts for riding longer and stronger Out-of-the-saddle ?

    Hi, I would like to be able to ride longer and stronger Out-of-the-saddle. I wonder what exercises, except for practicing it, would be the best? Any resistance training ? (repetitions) Thanks! :)
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    Moved backward on the saddle >> bad LBP

    Hello All, I went through several Lower Back pain related threads and thought I'd start a new one Lately I moved a bit backward to a (more lean fwd) position that utilizes the Glute extensively. It seems that I ride faster though if until recently it was quads (and hamstring) soreness...
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    A Polar file to Strava

    Hi all, I have a certain ride on Polar that i'd be happy if I could combine it with GPS data (rode it with Android formerly so I have it recorded) in order to upload it to Strava ? is there a way ? In Polar, I can have the data (spd, Cad, HR) downloaded to an excel sheet - perhaps from...
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    A problem with Zipp 404 firecrest hub

    Hi, Can you please take a look at the enclosed short video? When coasting, chain sometimes fall on the chaainstay I am not sure exactly what the problem is - am told that additional spacer should be placed at the hub - is that right ? Thanks a lot...
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    A rustle in Zipp 404 fiercest

    Hi, My front 404 fiercest makes sort of a rustle that I mainly notice at low speeds (sounds like spokes but not sure) - any idea what causes it ? Also had constant noises from the valve extender, which I think it occurs when I get on a bump in the road and the valve is there (at 18:00..)...
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    A qualitative comparison between bikes (high end ones)

    Hi, If anybody can please refer me to a good bikes test (stiffness BB/tor , weight, aero), that will be Appreciated ! :) Thanks