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  1. fatbadger

    New Rider

    I have been riding for about 2 months now and have been racing for a while to, i am currently in the youth catagory (12 - 16) and i am 14, the only thing is the people my age and slightly younger seem to beat me lol. i am just wondering what kind of training i would need to do to get up to their...
  2. fatbadger

    Whos the oldest member of this forum?

    Whos the oldest member of this forum?, its not me cus im only 14
  3. fatbadger

    Painful Sholders

    I Have noticed that whenever i race my sholders rly hurt, is their any way i can ajust my bike to make it so they dont?
  4. fatbadger

    Seat clamps

    I currently have a quick release seat clamp on my bike but it keeps catching my shorts so i want to change it to a bolt clamp, what is the difference between the £20 seat clamps and the £3 1's and is their any diff in the weight and strength/durability Dan
  5. fatbadger

    new new web page (go to this 1 not the other 1)

    Well my new web page is almost up and running so i jst wonderd what you thought of it again :cool: Dan
  6. fatbadger

    new web page

    hey, i have just made up a new web page ( and was wondering wot u all think of it n wonderd how u think i can make it better Dan:p
  7. fatbadger

    continental - cross country - good or bad

    im thinking of gettin a new back tyre as the one on my bike rly slipps on the hard pack mud and dusty ground but i mainly just need a light weigh grippy rear tire for x country and thats good on hard ground, and i was just wondering if any1 had a continental - cross country and what they thought...