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  1. dm69

    Observation of my climbing technique

    For my build 1.77m & 68kg's I generally struggle a little on the hills, I am much more comfortable on the flats doing a time trial or trying to breakaway...Seeing as though my favourite discipline is time trialling and im not a huge rider my power to weight shouldn't be a problem, I am thinking...
  2. dm69

    Junior Worlds

    Any thoughts on the junior worlds? I have been following the aussies quite closely. We had some very strong performances on the track, somewhat of a gold rush. Josephine Tomic won the womens time trial and in the mens we placed both our riders in the top 9! Road race didnt go quite to plan...
  3. dm69

    Block Training Weekly...Timan

    Hey all. Asking the knowledgeable lot here on your thoughts about block training every week. Would especially like to hear from Ti-man. My plan would be this Monday-Full Rest day or active recovery (1hour L1-2) Tuesday-Block training day (Usually shorter and more intense than other days)...
  4. dm69

    Broke my cassette!

    Pulled up to a set of stoplights, Lights go green, I clip in and push down on the pedals with a lot of force/ torque. Too high a gear (cbf changing gear at stoplights). Next second my cassette falls apart. I think I sheared the metal in my freehub...take off the wheel for a closer...
  5. dm69

    Massive PB after a long break!

    Today I did my first piece of intensity training for almost 2 months. My last race was at the end of november, since then Ive hardly touched the bike and I have been enjoying myself a little bit too much :p . This week I started training again doing just L1 & L2 and going into higher zones on...
  6. dm69

    Order of intensity's in training

    Heading into a 16 week plan to hopefully get me up to good fitness so I can compete well in a 100km plus classic that ends in a HC climb (Baw Baw Classic). After this plan my training for the next month or so won't be very structured and it will look like race, recover, prepare for next weekends...
  7. dm69

    How do you know if your recovered?

    besides taking resting heart rate every day what on the bike sessions do you use to determine recovery? Obviously aching in the legs can be a good sign of fatigue but besides that how do YOU use your HRM to check recovery levels. Here is a once a week session that could be used on a...
  8. dm69

    Another point of view???

    Ok here goes...lately I have become a little sick of this forum (that time of month :p ) and I have explored other routes of feeding my brain and my cycling training questions. In my search I found this thread- have a...
  9. dm69

    The Landis Position

    When watching the tour de france I noticed something strange, it was like floyd landis had some kind of invincable aura about him. His position on the bike really scared me, It looked like he was pulling the bike up the hills with his arms. He also seemed to sit very solid on the bike (strong...
  10. dm69

    training advice for HRM?

    It seems that a power meter is not an option for me atm :( due to "financial issues";) so I am stuck on "the dark side" using a heart rate monitor. What annoys me most when I ask people about the option of powermeters is they tell me I am too young to use or need a PM! Its like us juniors...
  11. dm69

    Political viewpoint? Complete the questionarre. tell me what political viewpoint you are. there is some interesting stuff about the viewpoints of famous pollies in history and the current leaders aswell. Apparently I am an extreme communist economically:D I also...
  12. dm69

    Competitive cyclist shipping?

    I am thinking of purchasing a powertap pro with a mavic open pro rim and 32 dt swiss spokes off competitive cyclist for $975us. How much could I expect to pay in aussie dollars after shipping? If there was a problem with the wheel I have to send it back to the usa, is this correct? If thats...
  13. dm69

    Riding a TTbike fulltime.

    I have been looking at getting a new bike and a powertap mainly eyeing off those sexy airfoil shape frames. I am entertaining the idea of buying a TT bike and turning it into a road/ TT bike. naturally I have a very forward/ aggressive position on the bike so a TT should suit my style. Ive...
  14. dm69

    FT measuring

    Is FT just your avg watts in a one hour effort? I want to compare myself in the "what is your FT?" thread. Just wondering how you are all measuring your efforts.
  15. dm69

    Zones for PM training?

    What are the different training zones for a PM. I hear you talk about FTP, what is that and how do you test it? what about LT? and are there different zones for recovery aswell. Secondly I would like to know how much power it would take for someone of 60kg's to cruise around at 32km/h. Is...
  16. dm69

    The tarmac sl is the cr1 team

    I had a look at the article on levi's "tarmac sl" on cyclingnews and noticed it was the cr1 that saunier duval use. Pay close attention to the BB and the seatpost/ top tube join.
  17. dm69

    My fear of cornering

    has been shattered. All it took was a different position. Previously when descending at 70km/h I would feel extremely uncomfortable when cornering. I always felt that the bike was going to slip underneath me. I realised what the problem was. If I was cornering to the left I would lean the bike...
  18. dm69

    Powertap users, What wheels?

    What wheels do powertap users use? Obviously you will need a wheel that can hold up for training and if you race on them aswell you will need something relatively fast. Powertap can make hubs in 24 spokes, 28 and 32 spokes. I am fairly light so 24 should be enough. I have been looking at the...
  19. dm69

    Cheap and reliable

    What are the more "budget" powermeters going around? I wouldn't mind a powermeter on my training bike (who wouldn't) but I don't want to fork out $5000 for a top of the line SRM. I figure that if I am thinking of investing $3-$4000 on a new bike then I should atleast entertain the idea of buying...
  20. dm69


    Between the two what are the big differences? I am thinking of getting a cervelo soloist aluminium fitted with fsa gossamer cranks and BB so the advantage I think ultegra has over centaur in BB stiffness in now null. The other thing I like about centaur is the internal cabling with thebrake...