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    putting my jersey in the dryer?

    hey everyone, I just got my new jersey in...and it's a little too big, but there were no more smaller sizes - it's 100% polyester by Nalini and i was wondering if i put it in the dryer, would it shrink? and if i did put it in the dryer, would i melt the graphics on it?
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    air pump problems

    so i finally got my own bike pump...and while i was trying to put air in my tires, i found it REALLY difficult. I couldn't pump it down enough and so i only got it to about 90-100psi...that's with putting my entire weight on the it suppose to be that hard? I know i'm putting the pump...
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    carbon seatpost

    can anybody tell me where i can get a good cheap carbon seatpost for my s-works frame? I'm trying to find one for as cheap as i can because i am low on money. Any information would be helpful!
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    performance bike coupon codes?

    does anyone know of any good ones that are active right now??
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    cycling clothes

    While i was shopping for some new cycling clothing for the winter, i noticed that cycling clothes typically doesn't come with hoods. I've seen a couple of cycling jackets with hoods that can be tucked into the collar, but on the tags it says that it doesn't recommend the use of the hood while...
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    I have a friend who is going to give me a pair of speedplay pedals...but he has no idea which ones they are (x1, x2, or x3). Is there anyway to tell just from looking at them??
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    Speedplay X3 vs. X5

    Whats the difference between the speedplay X3 pedals to the new speedplay X4 pedals?? Will it make a difference which one i get??
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    105 vs. Ultegra pedals

    Besides pricing, Is there a significance difference between the Shimano 105 SPD-SL Pedals PD-R540 and the Shimano Ultegra SPD-SL Pedals PD-R600??? I'm looking to get some new pedals and i don't know which to get.
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    s-works pricing

    I was look at the MSRP pricing for the specialized s-works frames and i noticed that the 2003 E5 S-works frame retailed for around $1600, but then i saw that the 2004 E5 frame costs around $1090, and now the 2005 E5 costs $990. Is there a reason for this huge drop in pricing?? I find this rather...
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    warranty frame replacement

    so i found a crack in my frame and when i took it back to the shop, the only replacement frame that was avaible was an specialized s-works of course, i'm going to take it. But i just thought of this...will they only replace the frame and not the fork? cause now i'm thinking about...
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    crack in frame

    I just bought a new specialized road bike today and i was so excited...till i came home and noticed what i think is a crack in the frame right above the fork. :mad: What do i do about this?? i haven't called the bike shop i got it from yet because they are a 1 hour drive away!! What should i...