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  1. youhaditcoming

    Armstrong High Cadence on your low intensity rides

    Hi, i was checking out the 1993 World's at Oslo on DVD and find out that a 21 years old Armstrong already had an above average high cadence. I used to think that he developed that after his cancer. Nowadays my training is at low intensity mainly to lose fat or to keep it at bay and with my...
  2. youhaditcoming

    pro's -damaged- CF framesets

    Hi, simple question. What do PRO teams do with Carbon Fiber frames after a crash ? They are disposed, sold or re-used ? (Assuming that the crash was significant but left no noticeable cracks)
  3. youhaditcoming

    sweat in lenses

    how do you guys deal with your eyewear when sweat cover your lenses, (other than stopping aside the road obviously...) thanks
  4. youhaditcoming

    power meter users

    hi any of you guys using power output for training, the power you need to attain a certain speed at the beginning of the season would it be the same power for that speed (assuming the terrain and conditions are the same) 4 or 5 months later with your body weighing 16 pounds less for example ...
  5. youhaditcoming

    the future of cycling equipment

    Hello, with new brands coming in, increasing integration of equipment from the same family with one another (e.g. levers with cassettes and derailleurs, BB with cranksets, headsets with forks, spokes with rims and hubs, others) and fiercer global competition, as a user and customer, what's...
  6. youhaditcoming

    simple & useful cockpit gadget

    Hi To commute i use my MTB, gear's numbers are displayed on the shifters, and i use the same roads everyday. It may sound symplistic but is very easy to see how your legs are going any given day... e.g. somedays you can easily spin a chainring (2) and cog (5) and others day you cannot !! It...
  7. youhaditcoming

    In the event of a crack in a titanium frame

    In the event of a crack in a titanium frame, Is it possible to fix ? Can it be welded ? If yes, with special equipment ? Thank you
  8. youhaditcoming

    Carbon fiber stiffness and absortion

    Hello A couple of days ago at the Giro ' the three cyclists on the leading break slowed down significantly approaching the final kilometer. On a left hand turn one of them fall in a very uncommon way. The TV camera then showed a small imperfection on the road beneath the cyclists back...
  9. youhaditcoming

    Flying Scotsman

    anyone could hold this position for an hour !! and nail the world hour record of his era at the same time .... Regard
  10. youhaditcoming

    Look 555 or Colnago Master XL ?

    Hi I have never ridden a Carbon bike, these 2 models are close in price, one carbon and the other one steel. Which one would you guys choose ? Look 555 carbon frameset or Colnago Master XL steel frameset (with carbon fork) I'm looking for a quality frame and long lasting :). I currently...
  11. youhaditcoming

    human body glitch

    Hello Most people gain very easily weight and most people have a very hard time getting rid of excess weight. Seems to me that our body doesn't follow the simple FIFO (first in first out) rule which is used on every food service facility. So we keep storing fat over and over again and use...
  12. youhaditcoming

    funny patenting

    Hi A while ago someone in the Forum described how C. Carmichael "invented" and patented intervals ! Well, today i read on the newspaper about the guy who "invented" and patented spinning (the one on the static bikes)... So that means each time we go on a spinning ride or go training...
  13. youhaditcoming

    dorsi-muscle pain

    Hi Well since 2 weeks i started to commute to and from work daily in a MTB, its a 2 hour workout (total time) i wasn't used to (i'm a road bike guy) It may be a bad position... but my dorsi-muscles seem very tired on the way back home and almost preventing me from pedaling strongly enough ...
  14. youhaditcoming

    cantilever vs. v-brake

    Hi I've noticed Cyclo Cross bikes are still equiped with Cantilever brakes despite the common use of v-brakes in MTB or touring bikes nowadays for example. Which one works better ? Thanks
  15. youhaditcoming

    Tricky question

    Hi I own 3 bikes for different purposes and they happen to be equipped with 3 different crank lenghts: 165 - 170 - 172,5 Well... i set up the Seatpost position measuring from top of the seat to the center of the pedals axle, instead of the Crank axle center, on each bike. The result is that...
  16. youhaditcoming

    front wheel clearance

    Hi, I recently bought a Giant road/touring sloping bike. When my cranks are on the horizontal position, standing..not riding, then turning the front wheel to the side, my shoe touches the wheel. So far this hasn't turn into an accident while riding. Could this cause an accident ? Previous...
  17. youhaditcoming

    panniers in front / suspension fork

    Hello, Im preparing my MTB for some touring. Is it ok to mount panniers on front wheel with suspension fork ? (InSync Grind 1 w/preload, 70mm). I won't have enough room for all the camping stuff at the rear. If i install a straight fork, would it damage my frame ? it is an aluminium frame, Thx
  18. youhaditcoming

    heart rate

    Hello, This might be a silly question ... How different is to have an Average heart rate of 145 for example, against an steady heart rate of 145 throughout the entire ride ? Thanks
  19. youhaditcoming

    Cleat compatibility

    Hello, My main bike has the Look Delta Standard cleat fit. For my track bike I recently bought a pair of Shimano SPD - SL pedals with their SM-SH10 cleats. The salesman told me that the shimano cleats weren't compatible with my old pedals, and to my surprise they do fit in my Look...
  20. youhaditcoming

    broken shifter?

    Hello, I have old Shimano 600 brakes/shifters (i think they were one of the first releases). Lately i need to push the front shifter 4 or 5 times, sometimes more, before the Chain moves back from the big to the small chainring. I mentioned this problem on the repair shop but it was not fixed...