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  1. velomanct

    Powertap repair (old Pro model)

    It seems no matter how many times I replaced the axle and cones/bearings on the hub, it's never right again. Is there suppose to be a locknut on the drive side, to keep the right adjustment? The one screw on the axle on the drive side seems to always be either too loose or too tight, and never...
  2. velomanct

    Adjusting rear travel on Specialized FSR 1998

    I have the spring adjusted as far as it will go, so it hits the rear linkage when resting (no compression). It seems I can't get it to move any further due to this. And my travel is only 1.5" or so before it hits that rubber stopper. What gives? Do I need to drill a new hole for the front end...
  3. velomanct

    4000 watts...... well yes.....

    Take a top level track sprinter. They produce likely over 2000 watts for a couple seconds. But is that their true power output, when you closely analyze it down to the fractions of a second? Nope! Using the data shown from Metrigear on this link, you can see that true peak watts are about...
  4. velomanct

    Safeness of older carbon fork

    I picked up an older caad3 with carbon fork (aluminum steerer) off craigslist. I'm not sure if it's an original fork or not. But the frame is about 12 years old I'd say. Assuming there are no cracks or anything in the fork, would you say it's safe to ride and can handle 50mph descents on...
  5. velomanct

    Sprinting on Biopace chainrings?

    What's it like? Worse, odd, better? I'm talking lower rpm sprints like up hills at 80-110rpm max. I'm just curious and see a bunch of these for sale in my area, might try it out.
  6. velomanct

    Bianchi Premio - what's it worth?

    I came across this nice Bianchi Premio from 1986-7, and I'm wondering how much I should try selling it for. I cleaned it all up and tuned it up so it rides like new. Real nice looking bike. The original tires had no visible wear, I don't think this was every really ridden. Also, I live in a...
  7. velomanct

    Powertap download data completely off

    About halfway through my ride, in my downloaded data (looking at the excel file), all the data goes crazy. Like 66237 watts and 130mph and it goes back and forth like that the rest of the ride, making no sense whatsoever. During my ride, the power cpu display was normal and accurate the entire...
  8. velomanct

    Why is the road season over in the south?

    I just moved to Austin TX and it's been beautiful here, mid 70s and dry the last week. Average temps in November are low 70s, so why does the road racing season end in Sept/Oct? The off season in the south should be the summer, eh?
  9. velomanct

    Cold air - breathing

    Does any feel like they have a harder time breathing in the colder air (40s vs 60+)? Maybe I just had a couple bad days, but I felt like I was riding at 5,000ft elevation.
  10. velomanct

    Temperature and power outputs

    This is aimed at sprinting. Do you notice your power drop off when it get's colder outside? I seem to have a direct correlation with my sprint power and how hot it is. The hotter - the higher output. Anything below 60 degrees and I feel like a cat 5 again and my whole summer of gains vanishes...
  11. velomanct

    Most competitive road racing city in US?

    Where's the 'hotbed' for road cycling in the US? Well, at least the southern hotbed for road cycling? (Needs to have warm year round cycling). I'm looking for the greatest number of riders/racers/clubs/fast group rides.
  12. velomanct

    Is cycling clothing too loose/short?

    Are you happy with the fit of cycling clothing? Or do you feel that no manufacturer is doing it right? This is to all the "skinny/tall" riders, particularly. If you are a competitive/performance based cyclist such as myself, you are likely on the 'lean' side, eh? But what if you are tall? Do...
  13. velomanct

    Powertap pro - no data

    The transmission icon goes on once the cpu is on and the rear wheel is on the bike, but it's all dashes for each line on the display. No speed, power, time data. I changed the batteries in the hub, and got a new mounting harness (the old one had no transmission icon). I also took the cover off...
  14. velomanct

    Why winter train so much?

    Maybe it's just me, I've been into competitive cycling for almost 10 yrs since i was 14. I use to be very adamant about keeping up with training during the winter. But I've realized, it really doesn't matter - for me at least. As long as I keep riding at least a couple times a week (RIDING- you...
  15. velomanct

    Powertap shuts off after 15 seconds

    I got caught in a downpour 2 nights ago, before that it worked perfectly. I took the cap off and no moisture inside the hub either, but I let it 'dry' just in case. So now, the powertap will work, but it stops reading after 15 seconds every time (all dashes). So I know it works, but for some...
  16. velomanct --- NOOOOO!!!!

    We lost the best site out there other than aquired topozone and now you have to pay for all topo maps. Really lame I tell ya. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  17. velomanct

    Wattage overload

    After a few years away from consistent endurance road cycling, I am starting to see way too much focus on wattage. We got newbies asking if they need a powermeter, as if their bike wouldn't roll without it. Then we got the super analytical ones who disect their ride and categorize stress levels...
  18. velomanct

    Powertap price tags

    What is the deal? Every year the same models are getting more expensive. This is absolutely ridiculous. I paid $725 for a brand new pro model complete wheel system, about 3 years ago. Now it costs $700 for just the HUB of the BASE powertap model!!!! WTF. I blame it on all you idiots out...
  19. velomanct

    Does anyone sprint?

    Well, do any of you roadies sprint? I don't live near a track and it seems that NO ONE will sprint. Everyone I ride with declines. I know road cycling is nearly all about endurance, but sprinting is fun! Sprinting alone is just not as great training. I'm a decent rider, I think. :confused...
  20. velomanct

    powertap PRO vs SL (bearings/cones)

    How are the bearings/cones on the SL model? Are they cheap like the ones on the Pro model? Any problems?