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  1. Malkmus

    Forum Problems

    Guys. Check out the "Moving On" thread in the Cafe forum. There have been no new members here for months and the grand tour forum people are thinking about migrating somewhere else in mass. It would be nice to keep the community together and we would like your input. It would be a shame to...
  2. Malkmus

    Schumacher tested

    The vampires made a surprise visit to the German team today. With all the guys they could have tested, they chose one: Schumacher. They must be trying to establish some sort of baseline.
  3. Malkmus

    Armstrong Interview in Cyclingnews

    HHMNBN was interviewed in cyclingnews today. The interview ends with: Cyclingnews: From watching the Tour from back home in the US, do you miss it? LA: I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the camaraderie of a team. Guys like George and of course Johan [Bruyneel] were really...
  4. Malkmus

    Julich Quote

    I've been looking for a quote from Julich during the 1998 Tour where he says Cofidis isn't doping. They just use special hi-tech recovery products. I can't find it anywhere. I bet it is in the stack of Cycle Sport magazines in Lim's bathroom. Anybody remember the quote and know where I can...
  5. Malkmus

    Pa Red Rose Races

    Disturbing situation:
  6. Malkmus

    My Power Profile is Embarrassing

    I guess these little power things reveal the truth even when we don't want to acknowledge it. I am a fifth year Cat 4 from the East Coast. For the most part, I am pack-fill. I have no desire to improve my climbing or time trialing. I just want to be able to mix things up a little bit more...
  7. Malkmus

    Dwars door Vlaanderenenenen

    Belive it or not, this is one of my favorite races. Anybody want to make a prediction? I am going with Nico Eeckout if motor pacing is permitted. Otherwise, I am going with my man Dr. Dave Bruylandts. I wouldn't be surprised if Nick Nuyens actually won.