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  1. Keyan

    Bike Computers Vs. Smartphone Vs. Smart Watch

    I wanted to know which of these work best for you when you take a ride. Is it smartphone, bike computer or a smart watch? Why did you choose that option? Aren't all of these the same when it comes to providing you with the basic functionalities? What makes your choice special?
  2. Keyan

    Where Do You Put Your Smartphone When You Ride?

    If you are using a smartphone which is as big as a Samsung S4 where do you usually put it? Do you use a Bar Mount or maybe a goody box to include your ID and wallet? or would you use those velcro strap ons to hold it firmly on your arms?
  3. Keyan

    What Is Your Alternative Activity For Cycling?

    Sometimes I feel bored going through the same routine and or sometimes I do not have the time to prepare and spend on a good ride. I still want to stay active and fit but there are days when I just can not. What is your alternative to cycling ?
  4. Keyan

    Is Single Speed Good For Commute And Long Distance?

    Anyone tried using single speed both for their daily commute as well as on their long distance ride? I am short of budget now and I am thinking of maximizing the use of whatever resource I have. Will a single speed last if I will use it for all my commute and long distance ride?
  5. Keyan

    Your Charity Ride Experience

    Have you organized your own charity bike ride and or have you joined one? How was the experience and what were the challenges from which you learned a good lesson or two? Were you able to successfully raise your target or hit your objectives for the charity?