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  1. aa9t8

    Hit by flying soda can

    what i have done is go like hell catch them at a lite hit the side of the car as hard as i can punch at the windows and scream like a madman. works for me.
  2. aa9t8

    can the phone add people be shot?

    however i do not want to read your adds. just wondering is it sport for you phone add people or what?
  3. aa9t8

    holes in hubs?

    well thanks now i know
  4. aa9t8

    holes in hubs?

    oil? to what purpose would oil serve? i repacked the bearing with grease. i can not see how squirting enough oil in there to flow out to the bearings would be a good thing. it is a very nice old bike.
  5. aa9t8

    holes in hubs?

    i have an old bianchi 10 speed. the wheels are aluminium with made in italy stickers. the hub itself has a hole in the middle with a slider thingy to cover the hole. anybody got any idea what is the purpose? thanks.
  6. aa9t8

    Hand Pump

    was suggested to me to put my mini pump in a water bottle with a tube and tire iron. it fits too! then i just take one water bottle and my "new" tool kit
  7. aa9t8

    New bike vs upgrade

    N+1=# of bikes a person needs where as N is the current number of bikes you own
  8. aa9t8

    Winterizing your bike ideas needed...

    my wife and i use mtn bikes for our winter bikes. i put a piece of extra fender on them to stop guck from flinging onto the front derailer. and if you are really worried about traction you can get studded tires. we live in canada where there is 9 months of winter and 3 months of bad sledding...
  9. aa9t8


    hummmmmmmm???? i think we get what we get cause lots of people just do not know. and we have bigger better fasteritis. i put an 11-34 on one of my mtn bikes. it works really well. have never taken that one off road, in fact it is roaditised. my road bike is not an 11-34 but it has more range...
  10. aa9t8


    so what is with bike manufacturers? i know that a 10 speed cassette sounds sexy and all that but why are they not giving us full range? why are they 12-25? why not 11-34? i want full range not a lot of mid range. is there a plot to take away hill climbing gears? and since they are usually a...
  11. aa9t8

    being converted

    i think you will need one of each. a mtn bike and a road bike. plus you may need a fun bike. for example a single speed cruiser or a track bike or a recumbent or a unicycle. the possibilities are endless
  12. aa9t8

    Longest Ride

    135.7 kms on the tandem mountain bike
  13. aa9t8

    want to ride a century

    my dilema i want to ride a century. my choices for a ride are an aluminum mtb bike with good seat and suspension seat post. i have also put an 11-34 rear cog on it as well as skinny high pressure tires. oh yeah and bar ends. my other choice is a flat bar road bike with a tri bar on it. the mtn...
  14. aa9t8

    tandem forum?

    why thanks to you!
  15. aa9t8

    tandem forum?

    and while i am being a pest i am looking for a used tandem road bike. i put an add in the classified section but have got no response.
  16. aa9t8

    Restoring a Old Bike

    i do not see why not. it is fun and theraputic. how many bikes do you have? the thing is to not get to crazy with $ unless you have way too much then what the heck! i have an old bianchi just put a sealed bottom bearing and replaced the crank. i have probably spent 200 bucks on this 40 dollar...
  17. aa9t8

    many flats

    the rims are double wall. and the spokes are not poking through. the hole where the spokes do go through is blowing out. and it is the rear tire. i weigh about 145 lbs and the max tire pressure is 130.
  18. aa9t8

    ? Single-speed useful for training for road racing - worth it? How?

    sorry about the sarcasim. i really enjoy my fixie. it is a good workout all over. it is kind of like riding a motorcycle ya really have to pay attention. i have no experience with a single speed freewheel.
  19. aa9t8

    tandem forum?

    there has to be twice as many tandem riders as unicycle riders. are the tandem riders going to get their own forum? please?
  20. aa9t8

    many flats

    so wife and i go for a long ride yesterday. i am riding my veloz its a flat bar road bike a few years old with about 1000 kms on it. it has upgraded tires 100 to 130 psi. it has the stock wheels on it which are not great but are pretty good. i start with a flat. about 25 kms later i get another...