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    Are we there yet?

    Hey everyone, I know I've been away for a looong time, so I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, or is using it, but I am hooked on TrainerRoad. Again, sorry for my ignorance if this has been talkeed about, but this program is sweet !! hundreds of different workouts, and all are hooked...
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    Are we there yet?

    Glad to see everyone still here and going strong. I took a little (not so little) time-out from cycling, due to various obstacles. Now I'm mounting my baby to my green KK machine and kickin my ass back into the right gears.
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    SRAM-Shimano Compatbility

    Hey everyone, I dug up this thread in hopes of clearing something up. I have the Red grouppo on the bike now, but for the winter months of indoor training, I want to use my old wheel with a Shimano 9-spd 11-25 cassettte on it. Would it work with the Red setup ? Thanks, -Greg
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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    Here's my sweetie with some winter upgrades. I've been off for over a month with a bum hip, and this week was the first time I rode. A nice difference with the new pieces for sure. The hip got better so I'm back to almost everyday riding, now I only have to get my legs back.
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    Are we there yet?

    Hi Ladies & Gents, I'm happy to post again, after a month of incredible hip pain. I'm still not sure what happened, and I'm having X-rays done this Tuesday. BUT, I couldn't take it anymore and went out very cautiously yesterday, and to my surprise, I had absolutely 100% no pain. Even when...
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    IN YOUR FACE! An action packed ride alongside the 2011 TOC Peloton

    I just want to thank Steve and Ranjani for this opportunity, because You really went far and beyond with this. You guys are unreal, and I am forever grateful. I plugged the website as much as I could out there, telling everybody I met about how I got there, and everyone was amazed and couldn't...
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    GETTING TO KNOW GREG: 2011 Amgen Tour of California's VIP Car Ride Winner

    Thanks so much guys !! I still can't believe I'm actually going. It's definitely a once in a lifetime chance to get to do something like this. Thanks to everyone that voted for me. Steve and Ranjani, You both are awesome. I'll do my best to take alot of pictures and share this experience...
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    I can't sleep . . .

    Yea 3mg = 3,000 mcg. So taking 300mcg is not much at all, only 0.3 mg. You can usually find 3mg Melatonin tablets (as a dietary supplement) in any vitamin shop, or GNC. Also, what I mentioned before, alot of companies now sell drinks and brownies with it inside. "Lazy Cakes" are brownies...
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    Are we there yet?

    I agree with CalicoCat. A short time off can help out physically and mentally. Thanks for the vids Dave, I needed to watch those as well. So once again, I'm off of the bike for 8 days now with my hip killing me. I had this problem on and off for years now, did the chiropractor thing...
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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    Ron, what's the frame size ? It looks tall.
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    Hi Benno7, Fluid all the way for me. I have the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine (lime green). A little more expensive, but well worth the investment. Solid, easy, warranty, and has the closest resistance feel to a road. -Greg
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    What do you fill your bottle with? and how do you recover from lethargy after the ride?

    I usually have Cytomax in both bottles. It tastes good, and I feel better for whatever reason. Maybe it's just mental but whatever works right ? On a really hot day I will make one bottle just water, so I can pour it on my head during the ride. I just got the new GU Electrolite Brew from...
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    Are we there yet?

    True on the importance of BOTH, saddle and shorts combo. I have an 'ok' saddle now, but it's much better, or much worse depending on which bibs I put on. The chamois makes a difference. -Greg
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    I can't sleep . . .

    +1 on Melatonin. 3mg of it will do wonders. It's natural, and not like a sleep aid. I've actually started to see some drinks and sweets sold with Melatonin in them. Another way that worked for me was just picking up a book for one hour in my bed. My eyes shut very quickly. Hope you...
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    Need a FAST bike for road riding, commuting and touring...hybrid??

    +1 with both kdelong and AlanG. Depending on your load and your riding surface conditions, touring bikes will do the job, having wider tires and being more stabe for the extra load. I've seen some road bikes get turned into touring and commuter bikes quite nicely. The city couriers can...
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    Are we there yet?

    BGoetz, congrats on the TT. I'm in the same boat as you on that. I don't have a TT rig either, but I'll enjoy the weekly wednesday's TT that goes on for the whole season. I don't feel any pressure to get an amazing result like in an annual race, and I can just keep practicing to get better...
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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    Nice Tplyons, I like the black/red combo. Mine's coming soon with some upgrades.
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    Sit Bones Width and Saddle Size

    +1 on the saddle chart, and the Specialized butt-o-meter. I've had my share of saddle guesswork, and it's not an exact science. I still don't think I have "THE" saddle for me, but eventually one just fits.
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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    That's a classic, AlanG.
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    cadence vs speed

    Hey how are you ? Welcome and happy to see you enjoy road cycling, it's one of the best things you could be doing. As far as speed vs. cadence, you should be using both equally. The most important thing is to find your self-selected speed and cadence, or basically whatever you're...