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  1. Peter@vecchios

    My Story and Why I'm Here

    Should be moved again to classifieds. Moderator-hello?
  2. Peter@vecchios

    shimano Di2

    Couldn't put it off any longer, took this test, got Di2 certified(have to build a Di2 Cervelo). Just looking at it and riding it, it 'seems' complicated. Installing it is much more so. Not rocket surgery or anything but more than a few gotchas when installing and adjusting. It 'seems' to be...
  3. Peter@vecchios

    For Alienator-LA in Tucson

    Not a great big fan of his but I read that Lance A. is in a training camp in your fair city. Are his training rides poached by the locals there? Does he and his bunch care? Or is it encouraged? Always kinda neat to ride 'with' genuine pros. I rode along with Rominger, Furlan in the late 80s in...
  4. Peter@vecchios

    How many want to see an end to gun and cycling threads?

    Geeez, it's not like anybody's mind is going to be changed with arguments on a cycling forum. Let's stick to bicycles, shall we? sign me 'tired of gun threads'.
  5. Peter@vecchios

    MSRP for DA electronic

    Just received the MSRP for DA electronic shifters, front derailleur, rear derailleur, battery pack, harness-$3999
  6. Peter@vecchios

    Wheel info

    Still cold out and this is still a discussion forum so....
  7. Peter@vecchios

    2009 ProTour teams

    It's winter, and this is a discussion group. This isn't a invitation to start any this group vs that group warfare. I just think it's interesting. Just got my new Velonews and they announced the 16 ProTour teams for 2009. 10 are equipped with Campagnolo, 5 with shimano and 1 with sram. What I...
  8. Peter@vecchios

    Can I remove a thread?

    Couple are really getting old and dusty. Is there a way to remove a thread from my viewer?
  9. Peter@vecchios

    2009 Campagnolo

    Well, received 11s shifters, ders, cogsets, chain, etc and began the eval on what works with what is all intercompatible. 11s levers and 10s ders and vice versa. Also received the zillion dollar chain tool and installed the 11s chain. No big deal, just a little mushrooming of the...
  10. Peter@vecchios

    Steel is......ya know

    Just for info on this rainy day in the 'republic.
  11. Peter@vecchios

    Campagnolo 11s chain tool

    Anybody seen one, have a link to a pic?
  12. Peter@vecchios

    2009 Campagnolo

    We have had a visit from a Campagnolo, USA rep and also one of the Campagnolo product guys from a BIG US distributor and some interesting and hopefully useful info. -'Escape' type LH ERGO action gone. That is, with 2007/8 Centaur and below, LH ERGO was positional ala shimano and sram, limiting...
  13. Peter@vecchios

    Back to the Future

    Just saw an ad on for a place that is selling...gasp, Record and DA hubs laced to DT rims with dt spokes, laced 3 cross, brass nipps and ...tied and soldered. Like this is a new thing. I don't agree with their reasons to do it BUT. Marketing something that decent bike shops have...
  14. Peter@vecchios

    P-R 'tech Teehee..I hear Jobst squirming.
  15. Peter@vecchios


    On cyclingnews I guess I get 7800(10s) altho 10 cogs not much better than.... And I guess I get the outboard bearing crank(Ocatstink) But all this to-doo about hidden cable housing. Ders not...
  16. Peter@vecchios


    This from about 7 minutes ago "Cancellara has his gloves in the back pocket. Boonen has separated himself from the rest. It is snowing!" You lucky dogs in Europe who can watch it on TV.....Vs has fishing or bull riding on right now.
  17. Peter@vecchios

    Tired of Campagnolo

    So I'm going to swap my 1987 C-Record stuff for shimano onto my new Waterford..thinking of Sora, for the little thumb button, really nice. Or maybe a new frame all together..nice carbon ones are Probably some Krysiriums also, maybe the new R-Sys ones, clincher of I...
  18. Peter@vecchios

    My new frame

    Comes today, pix taken before ship-too pretty for me!! 953 tubes-my, they did a nice job-I'll report on how it rides. Not my first steel bicycle, but maybe my last!!
  19. Peter@vecchios

    Do the test
  20. Peter@vecchios

    2009 Da Great, back to future with DA...7900 not compatible with 7800 ders.