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  1. Dean Thomas

    Ergolever parts where to buy

    I need to rebuild my right/rear Campagnolo Record Ultra Ergo lever. where is the cheapest place to get the parts. I am in Australia so shipping is a consideration.
  2. Dean Thomas

    Wilier Imperiale

    I'm currently riding a $500 alu frame with carbon rear and carbon forks, with a mixture of components. I do all my racing and training on this bike and have done so to great effect up till now. I can't bring myself to spend big dollars on racing tires and light components only to wear them out...
  3. Dean Thomas

    compact derailer standard crank/chainrings ?

    Anyone successfully used a compact derailer with standard crank/chainrings Thanks.
  4. Dean Thomas

    Pedal Advice Please

    Does anyone out there use Wellgo W-40 also sold as a Nashbar item ? My current pedals are an ancient set of Exus E-1's that have served me well for cheap pedals, the tension adjuster has been rebuilt/suped up, but they are pretty much flogged out. I have been told by a friend who use to be a pro...