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    Al, Give back the Nobel Prize
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    Lactate Threashold

    Can I get some thoughts on watts based drills to increase LT for Kilo ( mid August peak.) Current 1 min power is just south of 700 @ 82 kgs Thanks
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    Off Season

    For the non Aussies and a few others , its winter mode. I have about an hour a day to train . I am basicly a sprinter , but need to function in mass start races too. I have been doing a 5 min warmup and then the work begins. Usually 20 mins at "threashold"=250 watts ie:hard)on the trainer ...
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    Frame size

    In looking at the huge drop in seat height and bar height on what the pros ride , I am coming to the conclusion that my frame is too big. I am guessing that the huge drop is for aero position. If I put my seat where I can spin the best and drop the bars to the lowest spot, the difference is...
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    Legal alternatives

    Are any of the over the counter "bodybuilding" suppliments illegal . Things such as creatine, DHEA, inordinate amounts of arginine,glutamine etc... How bout for nationals, track, age group etc..
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    4 cross racing

    Is there any non pro 4 cross type events in the northeast, and what type of training is done for them.
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    4 cross training

    I am not a mountain biker, although I do own one. My question is regarding training for 4 cross type events. I noticed Brian lopes was invited to ride Track, and Wade Boots has been riding track with his Aussie mates for years. (and is good at it) Are there any guys here that ride these events...
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    Methods to increase peak power

    Since everyone that is interested in sprinting is over invading the SE threads, I thought I would ask the experienced trackies and or fast crit guys or coaches if they can share any methods of increasing max power , top speed, or anything benificial to going real fast on a bicycle. This...
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    PTSL compatable with PTPRO

    I have a PT SL on my road bike and just got a PT pro for my fixed.I didnt get the computer and harness from the wheel builder in hopes that it will work with the SL computer and software. I need to buy the wiring harness for the bike. Is that all I need or do I need the computer and software...
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    BT ER/Airgometer

    Auzzie sales has an ergometer that is chain driven off your own bike. The resistance is lots of air, up to 2000 watts . Has anyone bought one or tried one that can give me honest feedback. The cost is fairly high($2000) Thanks BW