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  1. kennf

    Tensing legs at night

    Weird question- as I start riding more I find myself constantly tensing up my legs at night, almost like I'm doing isometrics. Legs are always tired in the morning, and I feel like I'm never recovering from rides, regardless of how easy I take it the first few days after a hard workout. Is...
  2. kennf

    The worst thing about the IOC positives

    The fact there are positive tests doesn't surprise me. What continually baffles me (actually, not really) is the complete lack of anger by the pro peloton and current management. Lefevre is complaining about how long it took IOC to conduct the tests. Leipheimer is complaining about the...
  3. kennf

    Blood passport: MIA?

    In mid-February this year: "Mr. McQuaid would not say how many cases were being prepared or how many athletes were involved, adding that it may be one or three or six riders. He said the doping actions would begin in “the coming days and weeks.” Are they waiting until July 1, or has this...
  4. kennf

    Proposal: Close every thread before '09

    Since all of Flyer's meds have run out (team of doctors have fired him), Lim can you just close every dame thread posted before January of this year?
  5. kennf

    Zabriskie form (Castilla spoilers)

    Finished in a lead group with Contador and Leipheimer today, and even tried attacking them. He's climbing better than Tommy D and Vande Veld right now. I wonder if this will hold for the rest of the season?
  6. kennf

    Actual progress in Puerto?

    Newsflash from CN, Valverde's DNA linked to Fuentes blood bags, summoned to testify.
  7. kennf

    The least surprising news of the week

    Tyler Hamilton announces that Floyd is welcome to join Rock Racing: "Floyd is welcome to join us immediately," 37 year-old Hamilton said, according to Belgian publication HLN. "I know what he is going through, we can help him return to the top."...
  8. kennf

    LA-MSS raids

    I guess having a teammate drop dead of a heart attack two weeks ago wasn't enough of a wake up call. This team management should all do jail time.
  9. kennf

    Trek ends relationship with Lemond

    This is complete ********. They were nice bikes that were never stocked by the Trek dealers. Boycott Trek. You can read Lemond's and Trek's complaints on the Trek website. This could get real ugly.
  10. kennf

    More headaches for Ullrich?

    From CN: "Jef D'Hont is writing another book, and this time he is taking on Jan Ullrich. His first book, published last year, set off a series of doping confessions and investigations. "Before the first book, Rudy Pevenage asked me, 'leave me out, and Jan, too, please. Because we both want to...
  11. kennf

    Tammy Thomas

    The perjury trial against Tammy Thomas (the banned U.S. track cyclist) starts tomorrow. The case is very similar to the one against Marion Jones. An interesting link describing the case is here:
  12. kennf


    Interesting article on the ACE split from Velonews, with Andreu speaking out:
  13. kennf

    Tour of California anti-doping

    Quite an improvement from two years ago, when they didn't even test for EPO (ironic, given the sponsorship). From CN: "The program is said to exceed a cost of more than one hundred thousand [US] dollars and is funded by the organizers. It will include a summary of blood samples taken from every...
  14. kennf

    nikejordanun sucks

    Seriously, this forum is under attack from "bots". Time for a software upgrade?
  15. kennf

    Is Kashechkin serious?

    His latest strategy is to argue in court that the unannounced UCI blood test was a violation of his human rights. You think Amnesty International will take up his cause? Hah!
  16. kennf

    Astana would damage Contador's image?

    Does anyone else find these comments laugh-out-loud funny? From CN: "Contador has been reported to be ready to sign with the reformed Astana team for next year, but recent comments by his manager, Tony Rominger, cast some doubt. Rominger had implied that signing with the Kazakh team could...
  17. kennf

    Landis on Vino

    Strong words from Landis condemning the doping problem. No, wait a minute, I mean the press problem: "Just as in my case, LNDD (Laboratoire National de Dépistage du Dopage / National Anti-doping Laboratory) has leaked the test results to l'Equipe, permanently damaging Vino's reputation and...
  18. kennf

    Lemond Zurich vs. Madone SL 5.2

    Anyone riden both? Looking to replace an 8 year old 5500.
  19. kennf

    VDB: A legend in his own mind?

    Vandenbroucke is apparently coming out with a book titled "I am not God." The publisher describes the book as a story about "a man who dares to look at his own past through his own eyes and hints that the cyclist will offer a candid insight into doping in the sport of cycling." But still, VDB...
  20. kennf

    Position/Saddle height poll

    I'm curious at what the saddle height ranges are for people relative to inseam length. Using the old Lemond formula of .883 x inseam seems to put me about 3-4 cm. lower than what seems right for good extension. I've also read that his laid-back position had the saddle nose about 10-11 cm...