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  1. jmocallaghan

    Irish frames now available

    After about a year and a lot of feedback from both riders on cyclingforums and local racers we've finally finished our first line of bikes at Irish Cycles. The bikes pretty much feature the same geometry you'll see on an Orbea Opal or a few Kuotas. Although we've already gotten a few frames...
  2. jmocallaghan

    New Bike Company

    Ok, for those of you who helped us earlier on, we finally finished standing up our new company at . It took some time but we're there. The prices came in a bit higher then we anticipated initially but well within the market norms. For those of you who've been around 15+...
  3. jmocallaghan

    Looking for testers and initial purchases of a new model from Irish Cycles

    Irish Cycles, a new start US Brand, is looking for people willing to test a new race frame and component package for the late 2008 model year. The bikes are complete HM Carbon and feature the following parts packages: 1. Syntace Race Light Carbon Bars 2. Deda 100 Alum Stems 3. Carbon Seat Post...
  4. jmocallaghan

    T700 Carbon fiber vs. M30S or M30J

    Is there anyone here who can give me some insight into the big differences between M30J/MS30s and T700 carbon fiber? Anyone know the difference between HM40 and T800?
  5. jmocallaghan

    Wko 2.2

    Has anyone here used WKO 2.2 and integrated the rTSS with TSS?
  6. jmocallaghan

    Anyone know a good European Ridley Dealer?

    Does anyone know of a good dealer of Ridley bikes in Europe that has better then US prices and ships to the US? I'm looking for a Noah.
  7. jmocallaghan

    Any military power meter users??????

    Ok, this is somewhat of a targeted question. Is anyone here in the military, specifically field artillery, infantry, armor, engineers (i.e. combat arms guys) who go to the field for a period of time and disrupt their training plans like me? I just did another 2 week stint (airborne artillery...
  8. jmocallaghan

    Power Training for Cyclocross

    Ok, we've all heard about training for road via power and ever tri's but.... anyone ever seen any articles or have any info on training for 'cross with power. Obviously most of it would be on the road but anyone seen anything out there or have any info?
  9. jmocallaghan

    Sports Psychology and Cycling

    Does anyone out here have a good recommendation for a sports psychology book to read regarding cycling or just in general?
  10. jmocallaghan

    If you designed power meter software what would you want?

    Ok, this is a good question I think since I've been toying around with writing power meter software because of some issues I have with cycling peaks. If you had a chance to specify what features you'd like to see in a power meter software package, what would you add to cycling peaks or the...
  11. jmocallaghan

    Power training and Iraq deployment recovery

    I am heading back over to the sand box AGAIN either late this year or early next.... Hopefully less then the year but don't know.... Question: Has anyone here used power based training to come back quickly into race shape after a year's deployment? Anyone have detailed notes/info?
  12. jmocallaghan

    Heart rate monitors, bras, and irritation

    Ok, right now I am coaching a female athlete. She has a reaction every time she wears a chest mounted heart rate monitor w/a strap. We've used polars but have not used the heart rate sports bra. Does anyone out there have a recommendation on either how to overcome this or move to a sports bra?
  13. jmocallaghan

    Converting run info into TSS

    Has anyone out there figured a formula or an interpretation of one to covert A run into TSS? Likewise, does anyone know how to manually update the IF in CyclingPeaks WKO+ on a power file or more importantly, a run file from a Polar watch uploaded into WKO?
  14. jmocallaghan

    Heart Rate Monitors, Bras and Irritation

    Ok, right now I am coaching a female athlete. She has a reaction every time she wears a chest mounted heart rate monitor w/a strap. We've used polars but have not used the heart rate sports bra. Does anyone out there have a recommendation on either how to overcome this or move to a sports bra?
  15. jmocallaghan

    Polar Power Meter and Trainers/Rollers (Indoor)

    Ok, we've all heard the deal that the Polar HRMs with the power module have some issues potentially on indoor trainers and rollers. In researching this, I really cannot find specifically what the problems are or peoples experiences so if anyone has any, please share them with me. Now that the...
  16. jmocallaghan

    Any news on the new polar power meter

    Ok, we've all seen the photos and pretty much know that a fairly large group of riders were riding the new polar power meter during the tour this year but does anyone know the following: 1. perspective release date? 2. Did they finally fix it so avg watts per interval shows 3. is the...
  17. jmocallaghan

    Can anyone explain why running decreases your power output?

    Ok, I generally run 4-6 miles 3 x a week with my soldiers in the morning. Sometimes as much as 5 times. I have found an interesting correlation. The bottom line is when I run in the AM (around 630) and then ride a 2 x 20 L4 in the evening, I am running around 20-30 watts lower in power on...
  18. jmocallaghan

    EP-NO Use

    Has anyone out there tried the Dedicated Athlete product "EP-NO" for any period of time? I've been using it for a few months now and do feel a change but wanted to see if others feel the same way.
  19. jmocallaghan

    What is the best warming oil for cyclocross

    What does everyone think the best warming oil/gel/lotion is for cyclocross and where can you get it? I am currently using Sixtusfit cream and oil but only because I cannot find Boerne/Borne anymore. Any ideas????
  20. jmocallaghan

    what's the best cyclocross pedals

    Ok, raced cyclocross here in NC over the weekend. Lost at least 2 minutes to pedal issues due to mud. I am running Time ATACs (circa '03) with a pair of Sidi Dominators. The pedals loaded up quickly with mud so cleating in after a dismount due to mud was not a fun experience! Any...