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  1. dshardpolerwas

    Good Road Tire For Terrible Roads?

    So... I ride a 2014 Cross Check with the stock tires (Kenda Slant Six, 35s). My commute is about four miles each way, mildly hilly, in NorCal so no real weather issues. The ride is all pavement (and I don't really do any other off-roading) so I've been planning on buying some slicks, but the...
  2. dshardpolerwas

    Commuting Daily On A Bike - What Are You Main Problems / Biggest Bug Bearers?

    Hey All, Im in my final year at Uni doing Transport Design, and on with my major project, with the idea of creating a few concepts in the next couple of weeks. One of my projects is to improve the daily commute for cyclists, and my question really, is what problems / issues occur? I've been...
  3. dshardpolerwas

    First Ever Folding Bike - 1971 Raleigh Twenty

    Hi. I usually hang out in the Classic & Vintage forum, and just realized that there is a Folding forum. I live near Portland, OR where the bike market is "hot" and prices are higher than most places. I bought this 1971 Raleigh Twenty and have stripped it down, removed rust best I could, greased...
  4. dshardpolerwas

    Omg Thought I Found An On Line Deal Until I Was Told We Have To Charge You Sales Tax

    As Gomer Pyle USMC would say SURPRISE SURPRISE. Found a Road Frame I wanted (past tenths) until I found out the State whre the frame is located want to ding me 7.5%. Anyone else have any horror stories about hidden internets sale charges?
  5. dshardpolerwas

    Ordering A Bike Online.. A La Carte

    Is there a place one can order a bike, and then replace or swap out things like seats, wheels, tires, stems? Not having any luck searching the web.