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  1. whiteboytrash

    Well said Cycling Weekly

    AN OPEN LETTER TO PAT McQUAID The Wednesday Comment returns after a three-week break to find cycling's credibility once again teetering on the edge of an abyss. The sport is dominated by a culture of one-eyed self-interest, with seemingly few people prepared to stand up for the notion of...
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    Rebellin positive !!
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    Pevenage confirms Tyler's doping.

    These days, Pevenage's Rock racing team also provokes some critical voices, as it is the home of many riders linked or allegedly linked to Operación Puerto. Still, the Belgian said that "most riders in the team never had anything to do with doping. The others - [Ivan] Gutierrez, [Tyler] Hamilton...
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    Has the UCI dumped Armstrong ?

    Lance Armstrong's behaviour during his 24th anti-doping control since returning to the sport may have landed the American in hot water with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and French Anti-Doping Agency (AFLD). L'Equipe has reported that AFLD, which conducted the March 17 out-of-competition...
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    Exclusive WBT news bulletin: Armstrong down and out... for good !

    Lance Armstrong crashed hard in Monday’s opening stage of the Castilla y León and first indications appear that he seriously injured his shoulder and might have broken his right collarbone. There are no official reports yet as the crash just happened at about 150km into the stage on narrow...
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    Shite tactics from Contador

    The guy may know who to spin his blood but his tactics in the Paris-Nice were nothing short of diabolical. Even the big Texas American thought they were bad. See quote: "Amazing talent but still a lot to learn," Armstrong had written of Contador on Twitter. Despite the press reporting the...
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    Not a Flyer thread: Ullrich confirms book to be released.

    Hamburg - Former Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich said the question of whether he was ever guilty of doping would be answered in a book he intended to write. "These questions are not that easy to answer. Such things will be written about in a book which I will write for my fans and also for...
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    Shleck boys on the last stage of the ToC

    EuroSport were showing the ToC live overnight in the UK. I was watching the final stage and although Saxo were not going for overall they certainly cut it up on the final climb of that stage. Was interested mostly that the fact that it only being February that Andy Schleck was gaining time on...
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    Piti goes down ! Finally !

    The Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) summonsed Spanish Champion Alejandro Valverde to appear in Rome for possible ties to the 2006 doping investigation Operación Puerto. The CONI anti-doping prosecutor requested the Caisse d'Epargne rider, winner of two stages in the 2008 Tour de France, for...
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    Saxo Bank dump doping program.... Give Fuentes a call... he's back in the game !

    Top Danish cycling team Saxo Bank, who won last year's Tour de France through Carlos Sastre when known as CSC, have officially ended an internal anti-doping programme run by Dr. Ramsus Damsgaard. CSC introduced their much-heralded programme in the wake of the Operation Puerto drugs scandal...
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    Cofidis, Euskaltel and Francaise des Jeux boycott Giro....

    Looks like some teams can't be bothered turning up for the Astana show ! In addtion Euskaltel can't afford a decent doping programme anymore....
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    Museeuw details drug use... Armstrong implicated ?

    Johan Museeuw has finally fessed up to taking the banned blood booster EPO during the final year of his career. The Belgian classics specialist has revealed details of his doping ways in a new book, entitled, “Museeuw Speaks,” released this week which covers the period from September 4, 2003...
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    Why is Columbia's new kit so ghey ? - What's with the skeletal **** ?
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    60 seconds with Jan Ullrich

    Eurosport stole 60 seconds with former Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich and learned about his weak bladder and love for rap music. Which famous person would you most like to meet? Without a doubt it would have to be Michael Jordan. Whom would you most like to mouth off at? Germany's...
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    Lance bangs up LA ho and skips town to France

    Well, this puts a whole new spin on Lance Armstrong’s whole fear-of-commitment, perpetual ladies' man image. Over the past few years, the cycling bro has dated and dumped singer Sheryl Crow, designer Tory Burch, an Olsen (maybe) and most famously, actress Kate Hudson. But he’s gonna be a...
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    Shock news: Astana in Spanish police raid !

    They can't help themselves:
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    Arsewipe Armstrong confirms he's riding the Tour.

    Arsewipe Big Tex is shafting Bertie & confirms he is riding the Tour. Looks like ASO caved in.
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    Shock news: Armstrong dodges his own drug testers !

    So far, no results have been published and according to the Associated Press (AP), Catlin has admitted that he hasn't yet tested Armstrong. When asked about the lack of visible test results, Armstrong told AP: "It's a tough thing to organize, but we will make it happen." "We're working as...
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    The Hog opens his arms to Vino

    “When he’s done his suspension I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t be able to ride for Astana,” Bruyneel said. - Say what ?!?!?!?
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    The long term impact of doping....

    It could happen to anyone.....