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  1. Molala2

    Should i opt for surgery?

    I stopped sport in the year of 1997. Thereafter, i was getting fatter and fatter. In 2008, i was found to be sufffering from depression, and have been taking pills since then. I resumed sport (cycling) in 2012. Now i am 220 pounds. I am 178 cm tall. My limbs are not fat at all. I have arms...
  2. Molala2

    Training blog - comments and advice welcomed

    Hi, I have planned to do a 4 months training on the trainer. Last night I have done the 1st session. The target of the training is to: 1. Breed the endurance and ability to training as frequently as possible, target is 6 days a week. 2. Keep an average cadence of 100 rpm for 60 minutes. 3...
  3. Molala2

    Awful things i eat for cycling

    hi, i am a 36 years old Hongkongese living in Hong Kong. For cycling, I eat some chinese foods that you may find awful. For example, chicken legs. Southern Chinese eat chicken legs. There are many ways to cook chicken legs. The chicken legs i eat are done in the way whereby you submerge them...
  4. Molala2

    is this LSD and will it do me any good?

    thanks for coming in. I usually ride at 31km/h for 40km (excluding warm up and cool down). I want to try more kinds of training than just riding. I came to this LSD thing on the net. I found that i can keep a pace at 26km/h pretty effortlessly and i am planning to ride at that speed for 100KM...
  5. Molala2

    Is it too much and how long should i rest in-between?

    Hello everyone, I have been riding for like 2 years now, simply trying to ride faster everytime. Recently I have started training seriously doing HIT on bike trainer, the info are as follows: Gender: Male Age: 36 Duration of exercise: 45 mins excluding warm up and cool down Avg heart...
  6. Molala2

    should you blieve in brand name or personal experience?

    i have been riding a mountain bike for a year. I like the merida o.9 carbon frame very much. the frame gives a very nice response, not too much to annoy you and enough to let your feel the bike's action. I am not considering to buy my 1st road bike. I have in mind merida 905 2013 edition which...
  7. Molala2

    how long does it takes?

    i am now riding at 27km/h for 20 km, My target is to ride at 44km/h for 40 km. how long will it take for me? i have been riding since novermber last year, when i was able to ride at around 17km/h for 10 km
  8. Molala2

    Please comment on my weight loss plan

    Dear everyone, I am a 34 years old man, aged 34, 5"11' tall and weight 220 pounds. I started cycling since around November last year and uptill now i have only lost 6 pounds. Obviously this is disappointing. When i started cycling i couldnt finish 10KM without taking breaks. Now i can do...