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  1. Evilbofh

    Do you need some equipment for cycling???

    where is the report as SPAM button?
  2. Evilbofh

    Sram force shifting problems

    I have 2 bike one with Sram rival (model 2007) and one with Sram Force (model 2009). The rival bike has always been a dream and never had any issues but the bike with force is very touchy and and I have had major shifting problems with it. Keeping the shifting true is almost impossible and...
  3. Evilbofh

    frequent crank brother pedal bearing failures.

    I have been using crank brother pedals now for the last few years (both candy and egg beaters) and I frequently have total bearing failure on the right pedal. (all three of my pedals have failed in a period of 9 months). If there any way to avoid this or possible predict this before the fact?
  4. Evilbofh

    Muscles cramps

    After a heavy ride I sometimes get bad muscle cramps in my legs after the ride even thought I stretch and fill up with water after. What is the best way to avoid these?
  5. Evilbofh

    a more powerful bike computer magnet

    I have a Suunto t3c with a quick release bike sensor which works rather well, but now I have replace my front wheel with an Alfine dynohub wheel, the distance from the magnet to the sensor is now too large so the sensor will not work.. Does any one know if the sigma power magnet will work with...
  6. Evilbofh

    Nashbar Coupon

    anyone got a Nashbar Coupon that works at the moment?
  7. Evilbofh

    titanium frames from china.. off custom titanium frames for about $750 including shipping.. plus 250 more for forks. they weight around 1.5kg + about 500g for the forks.. Has anyone any experience with them? Does anyone have a frame from them? Do they weigh what they claim? Other Ti frames I find on the net...
  8. Evilbofh

    Noisy bearing in Campa Vento wheels

    My Campa Vento wheels both front and back have become very noisy (a grinding sandy like sound) after riding in a heavy downpour.. Will re-greasing then repair this or should I get new bearing? /E
  9. Evilbofh

    Crank length.

    I have been using 172.5mm 30.39.50 cranks on my winter bike. with a 12-25 cassette. My summer bike has 172.5 53.39 and a 12-26 cassette. I am building a new bike to be a mid point to the above 2 bike. I have been offered very cheap group set with 170mm 53/39 (or 34) cranks with a 12-27...
  10. Evilbofh

    differences between compact and standard cranks

    what is the difference between the two apart from the the chain wheel size (110 verses 130) /E