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    Universal Cycles- Portland, Oregon

    I am considering having Universal Cycles build me a set of wheels (Chris King R45's, DT Swiss 415's). Do any of you have any experience with Universal Cycles? They are a mail order outfit located in Portland, Oregon. How were the wheels they built and what type of customer service do they...

    Shimano DA7800 FD: adjustments

    I have a new Cervelo RS equipped with DA 7800. I can not seem to keep the FD adjusted. Have swapped cables and have had my LBS adjust it at least 8 times in the last few months. It never seems to stay adjusted longer than a few weeks. I tighten the cable with the barrel adjuster and it lasts for...

    Chris King R45 (Swift hubs) and DT Swiss 1.1

    I am looking for a set of handbuilt wheels for my Cervelo RS and have started looking at hubs. The new Chris King road hubs (R45) have caught my eye (durability, quality, local, bling...). I was thinking of having the R45 hubs and DT Swiss 1.1 rims. Does anyone have any experience with those...


    What is meant by the term "brake modulation"?