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  1. 2LAP

    Motivation for Dave_G

    Reading Dave_G's posts its clear that he has made a lot of progress since starting riding, but as some additional motivation... 1. How much progress have you made in the last year? 2. How much progress since you started cycling? Any info: - from new and experianced cyclists - objective (e.g...
  2. 2LAP


    Has anyone ridden the new track in Newport? Whats it like? How does it compare to Manchester?
  3. 2LAP

    Where do you live and what do you do?

    So where does everyone live in the UK and what type of riding do you do? I live south of Manchester and at the moment I'm mostly road riding (although I do love the track!!).
  4. 2LAP

    Atkins Part 1: Stories on Atkins...

    It looks like Dr. Atkins inventor of the Atkins diet was clinicaly obese at the time of his death (information leaked from his post mortum leaked and reported in British Newspapers). This makes me think either (1) his diet doesn't work or (2) he wan't on the diet. If he wasn't on the diet then...
  5. 2LAP

    Tips for using a HRM.

    Anyone got any tips for using a HRM or training with a HRM. To start it off... 1. Don't stare at your HRM all the time (very dull!). 2. Establish some zones and learn what each zone is for. 3. Remember that HR can vary lots; so differences from day to day probably don't mean too much!!!!!
  6. 2LAP

    Cycling movies

    Following from the American Flyers thread, what other cycling movies are there? I only remeber seeing three... 1. American Flyers. 2. Randevous something.... the french cartoon recently released. 3. A film about some american kid who wanted to race bikes and had a nasty incident against the...
  7. 2LAP

    The worst cycling tips in the world!

    Given the poularlity of the best cycling tips in the world thread; I'm starting a worst tips in the world thread. I'm sure we have all heard rubbish when we were novices and/or youngsters. Please post the advice, the source and any consequences of following that advice. Here is mine from an...
  8. 2LAP

    Divides in cycling

    A few years ago there used to be a big divide between road riders and mountain bikers, however now many cyclists own both types of bikes and take part in onroad and offroad activities. Even BMX is being accepted into mainstream cycling with its inclusion in coaching courses, in the olympics...
  9. 2LAP

    Building a Fixed for winter road training

    Can anyone recomed me some parts and a frame for building up a cheap winter fixed.
  10. 2LAP

    Turbo Training Recipe Book (I mean thread)

    Winter will be soon here in the UK :mad: and many people are turning to their turbos already!!!! :( Whats your favourite turbo sessions? Whats your most enjoyable session? Whats your most effective session? Please add your favourite turbo training session to the 'Turbo Training Recipe Book'.
  11. 2LAP

    Shopping For Bianchi Kit

    Can't seem to find any bianchi s/s jerseys in size 2 anywhere in the UK. Anyone seen them on their travels or know of a online bike shop that has some?
  12. 2LAP

    Sport Science Support what benefits

    Following on from a post made by Ric where it is obvious that much of the information that you need as a cyclist can be gaind from a power meter and field test (e.g. TT). Have any riders had lab testing or scientific support and what was the outcome. Was it a positive or negative experiance...
  13. 2LAP

    The cost of power tap

    How much would a decent powertap built up into a wheel cost? And what rim and spoke combinations would you recomend?
  14. 2LAP

    Runway: Running and Sprinting

    Here is a question that Runway e-mailed me, thought it was interesting so decided to post it here for people to answer (hope you don't mind!): "In the march issue of Procycling there is an article about the Ukranian rider 'Yaroslav Popovych'. In one particular paragraph the director of...
  15. 2LAP

    Power Meter Training Links

    I have been chatting with Ric about the use of power cranks in training and would like to find out more. Also some of my training budies are in a similar position. I know that there have been links posted in some of the threads, but I would be grateful if people could compile useful links on...
  16. 2LAP

    Netscape 4

    Steve, Site looks and works great at home. @ Uni I we have Netscape 4 (which is really pants!) and it keeps asking me to log in and won't let me post or PM. Anything you or I can do about it? I have IE at home so can use the site in the evenings. 2LAP
  17. 2LAP

    Where do you ride/train?

    Where do you train? Whats your favourite training destination?<br /><br />I live in North West England and like to go into North Wales, particularly Llangollen! No shortage of hills or rain!<br /><br />