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  1. Doctor.House

    Armstrong indicted for fraud? Nike knew?

    We already know those answers. Frankie Andreu and Benoit Joachim were both drugged when employed by USPO/Lance at the Tour. Cancer research is a fine, emotionally hopeless theme (Chinese Wall) to hide crime behind. No research for a cure is being done---whatsoever, not by any life science...
  2. Doctor.House

    Global financial crisis will lead to more layoffs

    Unending doping stories aside, Wall Street (Hedge Funds, Bankers, Mortgage lenders, brokers, e-brokers, global credit markets) is presently in steep free fall. This free fall of 'mark-to market of junk securities', lack of trading of commercial paper at par, freezing of CMO liquidity, has lead...
  3. Doctor.House

    The doping shame of Disco/USPO/Armstrong

    Only naive Nike consumers or dishonest frauds can wear a yellow bracelet after Tailwinds destroyed Le Tour with an aggressive freak show of media myth and Life Science cheating. Look at the USPO Polypharmacy circus freaks: Lance; EPO, corticosteroids, insulin, cow blood and 160 spent...
  4. Doctor.House

    Versus (OLN) deleted all 2007 TDF rewinds

    btw: Within a few days of the Paris podium Versus deleted all stages and clips on the 2007 TDF coverage. No dishonest Phil, Paul, Bob or even the honest Al Trautwig. Nada. As if the 2007 TDF had never happened. (did it?) I seriously doubt Versus will cover the 2008 Tour w/o a Team...
  5. Doctor.House

    Chemo go-faster drugs! Lance, Alberto?

    PDM and Sean Kelly overdosed on EPO back in July 1991. We have come a long way since then. Today EPO is aspirin to top cyclists and triathletes. EPO was old hat when Lance won his first TDF in 1999. Phamrstrong dropped EPO confessed Alex Zulle and Fernado Escartin whist on superior doping...
  6. Doctor.House

    Repetitve doping leads to repetitive posts

    Duh! Only the cover stories evolve. Yet never really change. Doping is a constant: The basic tools of public relations/marketing remain: 1) empty denials 2) emphatic denial 3) angry denial 4) 501c (3) Charitable works doping apology Chinese Wall 5) media support, myths and weekly denial...
  7. Doctor.House

    They bust addicts, but the dealers ride on

    Paul Kimmage today in The London Times: My question is when will the Operation Puerto dossiers on this punk Contador get leaked???? Nike Pharmstrong II must not stand. Cadel Evans has won the 2007 TDF...
  8. Doctor.House

    Tour de Dope: Analysis

    OK: The Tour ended last week when anemic Ras was asked to go home. What we witnessed: 1) ubiquitous doping 2) confirmed cow blood interest 3) stupid fast speed averages 4) stupid fast climbing pacing 5) a rigged GC (Vino out, Levi in, Ras out, Contador in, Basso out, Riis in) 6) lying of...
  9. Doctor.House

    Alberto Contador, miracle yellow jersey of Operation Puerto!

    Le Monde News has run an afternoon column on the Yellow Jersey wearer. Why was Contador permitted to race the Tour in the first place?????? As you know, Discovery only employed Conrador becasue his previously emploer was destroyed by a doping scandal (Alexander...
  10. Doctor.House

    Lance Pharmstrong to 'Fix" 2007 Tour?

    Why is Nike's Pharmstrong present at the final time trial? Will he offer up yet another anti-doping apology (empty denial) message? The fix is in. If Lance is present---so too is cheating, lying and fixing results.
  11. Doctor.House

    Why did Frankie Andreu revert to a Doper Apologist?

    Money? No pride? No shame? Betsy must be very disappointed in her husband. He became just another Phil Liggett wanna-be and Discovery Channel shill. What a sad end for him in Polypharmacy-based TV cycling. Frankie is no Jose Canseco.
  12. Doctor.House

    ***** Voet on Belgium TV-5 (they are all doped!)

    He confessed to doping Richard Virenque to the MAX. And Armstrong climbed quicker, then Ras & Contador, quicker still. The doping is getting worse (better?).
  13. Doctor.House

    Close out Dr. House's Doping Forum now?

    Can we all just get along now? Grand Tours = Doping, so what? I was tortured for several years at CF, but in the end I prevailed. I hold no grudges and I'll even invite my research experiemnt back home (House, aka Lance's special friend) Not even horse hormone...
  14. Doctor.House

    DOPE UPDATE: Liggett & Sherwin on Prozac & Lithium

    Don't you think? These cats ain't organic. Bobke is on trauma care treatments too. Memo to Al Trautwig---get out now whilst you still can.
  15. Doctor.House

    Nike's LIVE WRONG sporting theme!

    Yellow bracelets mean fraud against the sick: Cheat to win. That's the ticket.
  16. Doctor.House

    FFF to raise money for Phil Liggett!

    Phil deservees a bonus He is such a superb bald faced liar. He supported: Lance Floyd Roid Landis Tyler Hamilton Alexander Vinokourov and he won't discuss cow blood.
  17. Doctor.House

    Bob Stapleton & Andreas Kloden: Quotes to die for!

    Before the July 2007 TDF kicked off these two celebrities were featured in media shill designed to promote a 'clean' so-called event. Both Stapleton & Kloden are bound together by a common underwriter, T-Mobile, a firm with an decade long history of funding doping. In July 9th, vol 36/#13...
  18. Doctor.House

    Rasmussen to be DQed?

    Moooooooo! Milk or meat cow Hemopure? Will the ASO throw out Michael BEFORE the TT tomorrow morning? Or will they let this cow blood-based doping story grow? Either way, the 2007 TDF will end just like the Roid Landis legacy--in the toilet. Not even Will Geoghegan can work his magic on...
  19. Doctor.House

    Undoped Stage Racing discussed here:

    Guess again. No such animal exists in real life. No narcotics, no made-for-TV stage racing performances. Fantasy TDF theories?---inject away.
  20. Doctor.House

    51 blood tests taken yesterday--all negative?

    Today reported---without an audit, that Tour officials bragged that blood samples were drawn from 51 tour riders and ALL CAME back negative. Hmmmm. That's fascinating. Negative for what? cow blood? human blood? hGH? insulin? EPO microdosing? IGF-1 Interleukins? Synacten...