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  1. Bigonabianchi

    What do we all think about organized biking holidays vacations?

    I'm interested to know what sorts of organized biking trips we would possibly consider ? those we wouldnt. What destinations appeal, and what level of 'support' is important? What kind of accomodation , whould you go alone of with your bike club mates? I guess some would prefer to go it...
  2. Bigonabianchi

    Road cycling Rides in Cyprus- Blog from a month there April 2014 I have just spent a month out in Cyprus riding on road in both the Northern and Southern sectors. Totally amazing place for road rides, it's got everything! Just thought I'd share the blog I kept for those who may find it useful/of interest.
  3. Bigonabianchi

    Best Full Carbon road bike in 62,63,64 cm frame size for up to £2000?

    Any other tall riders out there been down this route? I'm on th ehunt for a new road bike, but has to be bigger frame size than th e61cm frame Bianchi I currently ride with lots of extended seat post and a 120mm stem. Im not a racer, more a long distance road rider, mini tours, rides up to...
  4. Bigonabianchi

    Cycling in Cyprus

    Hi all, For any who may be interested in what it's like to cycle in Cyprus, both North and South, here is a link to a blog I kept during my rides there during April 2014 with lot's of pictures. Hope it helps/you enjoy Cheers