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  1. beitzel

    Riding my bike across Germany

    A british style touring bike with drop handle bars: Custom Built for me by Cecil Walker cycles in Melbourne Australia. Frame - welded to my spec, Reynolds 531 steel Braze ons with columbus Forks - as above Crank - Shimano XT triple 48/36/26 Bottom bracket - Shimano XT Rear casette - Shimano XT...
  2. beitzel

    Riding my bike across Germany

    I am riding my bike from Berlin to Koeln in July-August (after the world cup) My itinerary is: Berlin, Brandeburg AH, Magdeburg, Braunschweig, Hannover, Porta Westfalica, Bielefeld, Muenster, Dortmund, Koeln and back to Berlin on Deutsche Bahn. Has anyone else had experience in any of these...
  3. beitzel

    Touring from Berlin to Amsterdam in Summer 2006

    I am touring from Berlin to Amsterdam, via Dusseldorf and Eindhoven in Summer 2006. Does any one out there have experience with cycle touring in Germany and the Netherlands. My main concerns are with accommodation and shipping the bikes from Australia to Germany. Cheers Chris
  4. beitzel

    School teacher seeks advice on his commute

    I am an ex-teacher, I bought my bike with my resignation pay and started riding after work in summer (new job in public service). Just basic 4-mile (6.5 kilometre) loops which extended out to 13 mile loops. Now I do 26 miles a day commuting to and from work. I was around 230 lbs to start off...