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  1. ch0mp

    Request: Newbies Guide to Tuning and Maintaining your bike!

    Hello everyone.. I just bought a used roadie and i love it! But i have no idea what to do when it comes to tuning or maintaining it. I'm thinking if someone experienced had this bike they could have it riding a lot better. I was having trouble shifting the other day, panicked, took it into...
  2. ch0mp

    Where are you from,what do you do?

    Hello, I'm from irvine, ca and im a college student. i just started riding and i have a bridgestone 550. i play tennis for my school and i've started riding to school and to the tennis club to practice (about 5 miles). i love cycling and i cant wait to ride more and save up so i can upgrade...
  3. ch0mp

    How much does your bike cost?

    $90 Bridgestone 550 road bike with suntour components on craigslist- my first road bike.:) also bought a bike pump, inner tube, and new tire because the rear one popped. planning on getting some lycra shorts, cyclocomputer, a better saddle, and later, clipless pedals and shoes. clipped pedals...
  4. ch0mp

    A new cyclist is born!

    After coming back from my ride, I noticed that i had a sore butt and my.. members were a bit sore. My bike doesnt have a very good saddle on it, and my question is- should I buy a pair or real bike shorts first or a better saddle first?
  5. ch0mp

    Need a hill route, Newport Bch, CA

    I'm a new rider in Irvine and I need to find some good routes. Is there a website or something where good routes are listed? Thanks
  6. ch0mp

    A new cyclist is born!

    I just took my first spin on my first road bike today. I bought a bridgestone 550 with suntour components (im hoping thats good?) for 90 bucks from someone on craigslist. It was exactly my size, 56cm, so i'm stoked. :D The feeling of riding the bike is incredible, the speed, the...