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  1. eliu

    Manitou platinum R7 wear?

    I have a 2006 manitou R7 platinum which I purchased used from ebay. For the last several rides I've noticed fore/aft fork leg flexing when braking. This is both visible and felt when I brake. I have avid juicy carbon brakes with 160 rotors. Headset has been checked and is tight. Is this a...
  2. eliu

    Tires for Moab

    Going to riding in Moab, UT for the first time next week. Not sure exactly what trails we will tackle but I'm pretty sure that we will not be at slickrock. Just wanted to know what kind of tires would be best for most of the trails in Moab. Currently riding a Racer-x 100 with Kenda Nevegal...
  3. eliu

    integrated fork with non integrated headset?

    Just purchased a new Ligero frame from Titus. Unfortunately Titus sent an integrated Reynolds Ouzo Pro with carbon steerer tube instead of a non integrated fork. I have a threadless Chris King Headset. My question is will the integrated fork work well with the non-integreated headset? LBS...
  4. eliu

    wound up carbon fork 1 1/8

    Does anyone know where in the Southern California area I can check out a wound up carbon fork 1 1/8 threadless?
  5. eliu

    vittoria unlimited full carbon sizing

    Does anyone have these shoes? What do you think about them and is the fit and sizing similar to the Sidi Energy shoes? Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  6. eliu

    FSA slk crankset/bb clicking

    I have a new FSA slk compact carbon crankset on a Merlin extralight. Cranks were fine until recently when they developed a "creak/clicking" sound which occurs only while pedaling. It seems to be coming from the bottom bracket and resonates through the frame. Megaexo bottom bracket and crank...
  7. eliu

    Reynold Ouzo Pro Fork Rake?

    How do you determine the fork rake on a Reynolds Ouzo Pro with carbon steerer(for integrated headset). It came with my custom Merlin but I lost the printout which gave me the specs. Are the numbers located somewhere on the steerer tube or is there some way to accurately measure this? Thanks.
  8. eliu

    2005 Rolf Prima Elan stuttering

    Just purchased a set of Rolf Prima Elans. Does anyone else have the problem of stuttering or shimmying of the fork when applying the front brake? I've done all that seems to be recommended including using Kool stop pads, emery cloth to the side walls, tightening quick release skewer and...