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  1. Vickeree

    M.e.a.t. Instead Of R.i.c.e. For Injuries

    I recently sprained my ankle and i wished ive read this article before i iced my foot to death! Basically says Meat stands for movement elevate analgesic and treatment is better than icing.
  2. Vickeree

    Using The Sauna For Recovery And Other Benefits

    Did you know that sauna is not only a good way to detox yourself but it also helps in recovery after a gruelling long run or an intense interval and it's also good for the brain and it can also make you resilient! I usually go once or twice a month but I would like to know if there's anyone...
  3. Vickeree

    Counterfeit Supplements

    I've heard on a podcast about large syndicates making huge money out of counterfeit supplements. The scary part is that it's very hard to tell the difference between the real and fake ones unless you send the sample for a lab test and even fda agents and experts have trouble with it by just...
  4. Vickeree

    What Is Your Resting Morning Heart Rate?

    The lowest i've had was 42to47 bpm. The past few daya tho it is elevated to 60 more or less... i dont feel over trained but is this a possobility? Has anyone here had varying heart rates based on the volume of training or lack of it?
  5. Vickeree

    Should I Buy A Ready Made Bike Or Customized?

    Should I buy a ready made bike or customized? I'm thinking of buying a bike to be used mainly for city cycling for around 10 to 12 miles. I have a budget of around $250 to $300. I'm thinking of buying a ready made bike and there were a couple of brands on sale... What brand can you recommend...
  6. Vickeree

    Does The Benefit Of Cycling Outweigh The Harmful Effects Of Pollution?

    Does the benefit of cycling outweigh the harmful effects of pollution... since we probably take in more polluted air than the average person on commute as we push on the pedals and huff and puff on our bikes...
  7. Vickeree

    Does The Benefit Of Cycling Outweigh The Harmful Effects Of Pollution?

    Does the benefit of cycling outweigh the harmful effects of pollution... since we probably take in more polluted air than the average person on commute as we push on the pedals and huff and puff on our bikes...
  8. Vickeree

    Can Cycling/sitting Too Much Kill You?

    We've all heard of "sitting is the new smoking" where studies show the correlation between sitting too much and back problems, obesity, diabetes and the stem of a lot of injuries due to shortened hip flexors and even a 2hour high intensity exercise is not enough to counter the detrimental...
  9. Vickeree

    What Are Your Pre-race Meals?

    Usually I eat a huge high carb meal of rice and some protein (usually eggs) 6-8 hours before the race and personally prefer going on a race with an empty stomach. What are your pre-race meals? and when is the best time to eat them? 30 minutes before? 2 hours before? 4 hours before? How long...
  10. Vickeree

    What Are The Common Cycling Injuries And How To Prevent It?

    I'm referring to those that you commonly get from training and not road accidents or mishaps :) I've been running for years now and in the beginning I had tons of mild injuries from shin splints to ITBS and runner's knee syndrome. Most of it went away when I included strength training and...
  11. Vickeree

    Indoor Cycling Question

    During indoor cycling training how do you select your gear or resistance and also the cadence to mimic exactly what you do outside? So that you follow the concept of specificity in training?
  12. Vickeree

    How Much Caffeine?

    For coffee lovers out there... how much caffeine do you take in general pre-workout? I find that it helps in my performance but it when I get too much especially when combined with gatorade during the workout, I get gas problems!
  13. Vickeree

    Hiit Cycling Vs Burpees

    For cyclist who can't go outside to train for some reason, burpees are a good way to do as an alternative for your hiit sessions especially if you have limited space. And according to this study...
  14. Vickeree

    Decreased Sexual Sensation From Cycling

    Hello ladies! I've found an interesting article that said cycling can decrease sexual performance in ment and decrease sexual sensation in women! It's mainly because of the saddle and the sitting position but I don't know if it's just marketing BS to sell "no nose" saddles and I wanted to know...
  15. Vickeree

    Anyone Here Use Creatine?

    Anyone here use creatine? ndIn what form? It's the only supplement I use aside from occasional specific vitamins a minerals. This is the only supplement with decades and tons of research to back it up compared with other supplements and I wanna to know if anyone here has used it long term? I...
  16. Vickeree

    What Energy Gels Do You Use?

    Can anyone share what energy gels they use? I've been experimenting with GU gels and cliff shots but most of the time I get gas problems and upset stomach if I combine it with pre-workout coffee and hydrate with gatorade on the road. Anyone here with the same experience?
  17. Vickeree

    Lance Armstrong Using Cold Thermogenesis

    Is anyone here familiar with cold thermogenesis? Not doping and perfectly legal but I heard Lance Armstrong used it even before he got busted. It is suppose to have a lot of benefits not just on performance but also longevity and brain enhancing effects.
  18. Vickeree

    What Is Your Average Km For A Week?

    I'm curious how many mileage per week or per month or perhaps hours on the bike would you recommend from someone who is an intermediate runner and is wanting to transition in to triathlon? What would be a good starting point for someone who has limited bike training ( aside from indoor bike...
  19. Vickeree

    Dealing With Pollution

    For people cycling as a form of commute, how do you deal with the pollution? I tried wearing masks but I find it hard as it restricts my breathing and even with the mask on, I still feel I'm inhaling some of the smoke on the road. I'd like to know your suggestions? :huh:
  20. Vickeree

    Can You Get Hemorrhoids From Sitting Too Long In A Bike?

    I'm not a professional cycle but I attended indoor cycling classes and used the bike machine in my local gym before. Sometimes my butt would get sore after long workouts... almost feels like hemorrhoids?!? Is this normal? My guess is I'm probably just doing something wrong. Anyone with similar...