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  1. bentcruiser

    Fairings - Zzipper or Mueller

    Anyone who has used both (preferrably) or anyone about the two companies on who to go with?
  2. bentcruiser

    Pantour Hubs on both?

    Does anyone use Pantour Hubs on the front and the back? Or is the front just the critical one on an SWB?
  3. bentcruiser

    Planet Bike Customer Service

    Since there seems to be a trend in negative reports for customer service, I thought I would chime on a company who has excellent customer service. I called Planet Bike this morning with an issue on a newly purchased Protege 9 computer. It had stopped working. I did everything I could to get it...
  4. bentcruiser

    Burley Riders Group

    Due to some requests I have received, I have started a Burley riders' group:
  5. bentcruiser

    Topeak Panoram Question

    I have a Topeak Panoram. For one reason or another, I have a harness that is split pretty badly. Does anyone know where I can buy a harness only (basically everything minus the computer & spoke magnet)? My LBS did not know.
  6. bentcruiser

    The Trike Phenomina

    I was at Stephens Point, WI this last week at the recumbent rally. I had the opportunity to test ride many bikes I do not have in my area including trikes. The trikes seemed extremely popular as I saw many on the various rides as well. My question is why do most of the more common ones use 20"...
  7. bentcruiser

    Hostel Shoppe Rally Question

    Hi all. Of those of us who are going to the rally, how will be know who's who there? I was thinking of a tag with my name and aliases on the net on a card or something. For instance, here I am known as Bentcruiser. Is anyone else doing something like this?
  8. bentcruiser

    Light & Motion lights & Segway

    Did Segway's parent company buy Light and Motion or am I reading this article wrong:
  9. bentcruiser

    Bebop spindle question

    My bebops may have an issue. On the left pedal's spindle side, the red plastic ring is extrduded onto the spindle. It is not that way on the other pedal- - - it is flush with the pedal. Any ideas? Is this a danger?
  10. bentcruiser

    I'm A Roadie!

    Er...well...not exactly. Shock value only. I joined up with a team called the All Terrain Roadies that are doing the MS150 Bike Tour in Oklahoma. It is a misnomer for the club, however. They have a handful of recumbents in their throng. I have noticed with a higher performing recumbent than...
  11. bentcruiser

    Freewheel Ride Report

    Hi everyone, Last Saturday, I got home from my best state ride ever. I did Oklahoma's Freewheel for the sixth time. The route was roughy 400+ miles. It led 1,200 cyclists over hilly terrain in Oklahoma. I am certain it is nothing compared to what some of you ride, but it was significant to...
  12. bentcruiser

    Best 20" front Tire to match Avocet Cross II on back

    Anyone have any ideas? I run an Avocet Cross II on back. It is 90psi. My rims are Weinmann Zac-19 rims. Front wheel is a 20" (406). It is the one that I wish to replace. Riding: touring and club rides Derek
  13. bentcruiser

    Post BikeE Comment`

    Hi all, I received a message from a former BikeE employee (Product Manager) Lee Eckroth about a BikeE E2 tandem: Doe anyone find it strange that the employees of BikeE are now selling off the bikes that were allegedly non-existent close to the end of their demise? He mentions "for the past...
  14. bentcruiser

    Burley & Burley on first tour together

    Hello again all, I thought I might give a report on the road test for my Burley Canto pulling the Burley Nomad. I have the Canto setup in the SWB format and have now pulled two different trailers with it: a BOB and a Burley. The Tulsa Bicycle Club has a sub-group called the Gypsy Road Roamers...
  15. bentcruiser

    Tires, Cletus and Compromise

    I resolved my tire situation I had posted about earlier. Kinda peeves me that the original tires only lasted 400 miles. But that was not the quickest tire life I have seen in the least. Anyway, Cletus and others, I appreciate the help. I did not take the tire advice though. I am a really avid...
  16. bentcruiser

    Bents in a Mainstream store

    I was in Sun and Ski tonight and I noticed that they are starting to carry Burley recumbents. I was surprised. This was the same chain who had told me in a company e-mail a few years ago that "bents do not have any bearing on the market. They are a fad." Sun and Ski is not a huge chain but it...
  17. bentcruiser

    Burley Tires

    Anyone have good luck with some tires on their Burleys other than the stock Primos? I tried a Schwalbe but the tire and the rim were not a good mix. Should I try Kenda Kwests? I have noticed that my Primos are getting some abrasions on the side showing some thread work. Does anyone have any...
  18. bentcruiser

    One Nomad's Tale

    With Uncle Sam paying me for overplaying, I indulged in a cargo trailer. It is a Burley Nomad. I am quite impressed with the design inside and out. It seems to be much more efficient than a BOB that I have used for several hundred miles. The setup was a snap. The alternative hitch seems really...
  19. bentcruiser

    FS: Speedplay Frogs

    Speedplay Frogs and Speedplay Professional Grease Gun for $75. One pedal is rebuilt other is fine too. Good condition, lubed regularly. If buying new, this would all be $160 together. Derek
  20. bentcruiser

    Frogs vs Bebops - my answer

    Note: I am cross posting this on some list. Sorry if it is a repeat. I have been a Speedplay Frog user for a year. I liked the pedals pretty well except for the excessive amount of cleats that I needed to buy. I had always kept the pedals within the normal lube times. But the plastic body...