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  1. Marx SS

    ‘The Melb Times’ Yarra bike path article.

    The Melbourne Times (Local free mag circulated to residents) Jan 17th. Pages 8 & 9 – news feature ‘The path to a better bike trail’ . Did I just read Bikesoiler’s comments on the Yarra bike trail & the efforts in improving the path? Not sure if the article is on-line anywhere to post here...
  2. Marx SS

    FS: Amy's Ride 120kms road option & Msize Top.

    Oops, looks like I entered twice for this weekend’s Amy’s Ride in Geelong, the 120km road ride (don’t ask me how or why, you wouldn’t believe me). Anyway I’m offering it, well sort of selling it really. But I understand it’s pretty close to the event time being this weekend the 6th of January...
  3. Marx SS

    The Age: Police to reward safe cyclists.

    Oh dear: The Age artical
  4. Marx SS

    The wet commute & when to say no.

    I’m lucky enough to have various options to get to/from work. I ride my bike just about everyday unless I can’t turn over the pedals for one reason or another (ie; injury, mechanical etc). Except, except when it’s raining. I hate not riding, I hate sitting in the train (which is the option...
  5. Marx SS

    Retrofit biddon cage mounts onto alloy roadbike frame?

    My roadie runs an Easton Crosslight Pro2 alloy frame, which is a cyclocross frame which does not run biddon cage mounts. Currently I’m running a biggon cage out the front of my gooseneck, but would love to have a couple of biddon cages in the conventional places on the frame. The option of...
  6. Marx SS

    Forking about.

    Isn’t always the way, I upgrade to a new rig – Specialized Stumpjumper ’03 hardtail - fitted with a good pair of forks (Rock Shox Pilot XC/SL 03) which give me capable & dependable service of 3 yrs through all sorts of trouble & strife, but eventually a fork seal goes & it’s time to take them to...
  7. Marx SS

    Forking about. (MTB)

    Isn’t always the way, I upgrade to a new rig fitted with a good pair of forks (Rock Shox Pilot XC/SL 03) which give me capable & dependable service of 3 yrs through all sorts of trouble & strife, but eventually a fork seal goes & it’s time to take them to the LBS for a service. Then the troubles...
  8. Marx SS

    Yarra Bend park, the MTB menace - letters to the editor Melb Times.

    Trollish? I once rode downstream of the ped bridge @ Fairfield boathouse along the east bank but found some of the trails there not really leading anywhere (although what MTBers are interested in destinations when it comes to seeking singletrack). I did find a few peds along there too even...
  9. Marx SS

    RR:Bendigo 8hr MTB Sunday 12th Feb [bit wordy]

    Don’t you love recovery day, the day after an event, when it’s OK to eat anything that takes your fancy, the ride into work is crusiey & nothing seems to stress you out at work. It not all roses though, I can feel the sores on my right knee , thigh & forearm throb, result of a brain fade moment...
  10. Marx SS

    Lil RR: 8hr MTB – Hard Day At The Office, 28th Jan 06..

    1st attempt at endurance MTBing. Teaming up with mate Paulie on his Specialised Hardrock, I was astride the mighty Specialised Stumpjumper hardtail (team: Flatbar Matadors). Run by the Fat Tyre Flyers, the venue was in & around the bush at Whittlesea’s scout camp just 5kms north from...
  11. Marx SS

    Scripting Tomarlaris’ Sundays.

    I’ve noticed that SBS’s summer cycling program – Cycling Central [Sunday’s 5:30pm] – has been plugging their website & forum. With some of the juicy stuff that gets posted here ( do you think that it might break on the tele if it’s posted on their...
  12. Marx SS

    Living a lie.

    Since my recent 2x massive offs from my commuter MTB caused by the occasional failing chain tensioner ( it runs vertical dropouts & a regular cassette freewheel with a SS convert utilising a DMR chain tensioner), I’ve swallowed the bitter pill of resignation & threw on again the cassette &...
  13. Marx SS

    Trimming cable outers?

    What’s the best way to trim cable outers & get them neat first off? The combination of the outer & inner plastic sheath & the coiled metal shell makes it difficult to cut with cable cutters which distort the metal coil, or sawing with a hack saw which is pretty awkward. :confused: Each time...
  14. Marx SS

    Half links.

    The drive chain on the Single spd commuter is finally lived through it's best times. I’m running the single cog on a spaced-out cassette freewheel on my stnd MTB with vertical drop-outs, so I use a chain tensioner. Not happy with the DMR chain tensioner I’m using as the spring mechanism which...
  15. Marx SS

    40yr old virgin – the bike.

    I think I counted, 3x headstem extentions on his bike. Talk about sit-up-&-beg. It not everyday commuting by bicycle gets a run by Village Roadshow so I thought it was worth a mention. I didn’t think I should have found the the drunk driving scene too funny, last part of that was almost a...
  16. Marx SS

    Melbourne innercity MTB racing now.

    Looks like Deluxe club have fired up again for the summer months every Tuesday night at the lot at Munro/Ford/Montague sts Sth Melb. Full Gas Promo are still continuing the Thursday night Dirt Crits at Westgate park. What Else? I think Fat Tyre Flyers have a Wednesday night evening group...
  17. Marx SS

    It’s a jungle out there, who’s the gorilla?

    Does Monday Mayhem mean anything to any Melbourne cyclists?
  18. Marx SS

    What’s has green tyres & is really cool?

    My new (well it’s not brand new, but new to me) road bike. Bought 2nd hand out of the Trading Post. The seller originally had it built up for him (it’s not an off-the-floor bike) when he was in the UK in 2002 [original receipt provided for verification] . It’s essentially a cyclocross prepped...
  19. Marx SS

    Get deal , **** bike shop?

    Nicely priced Giant road bike with carbon stays/fork & Ultegra hanging off it, finished in a lovely shade of “Buy me!” red. Problem is it’s sitting in a bike shop where the guys dusting the shelves reckons that a medium frame is the way to go & doesn’t offer a leg over or even a lap of the...
  20. Marx SS

    Advice on road bike ‘bars?

    In the market for a road bike. $500-$1300 (depending on group set), new/2nd hand. Prefer Shim 105 or Campy Veloce/Centaur below $1k, love to get carbon stays/forks & Sti/Ergo shifting I’m 5ft inches / 175cm tall, medium build (normal leg/arm/torso length). Use: weekend rides 50-200kms, training...