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  1. fauxpas


    Its obvious these forums have been moderatorless for a long time. I hear a mod may jump on now and then, but more then than now... (wtf?) Anyhow, what can we do about it? I'm sick of adds selling nokia phones and firestarter threads... :mad:
  2. fauxpas

    CATEYE HR 200DW <- Any good?

    Considering getting a CATEYE HR 200DW... Any good?
  3. fauxpas

    Campagnolo Brake Calipers - Any Good?

    Campagnolo Mirage & Xenon Calipers... Any good? And what equivilant Shimano caliper would they be compared to? Cheers...
  4. fauxpas

    The Little Things

    Just a word on another small discovery I made... each little one just keeps adding to my riding enjoyment and most of you experienced riders will know all these discoveries I am making... Socks!!! I finally bit the bullet and bought some cycling socks... Man, I love em... I certainly...
  5. fauxpas

    Headset/Stem rings...

    OK, was replacing my stem today and noticed one of the rings around the steerer was smaller than the others. It was narrower and thinner but had the same inside diametre. What is that ring for? Also, how tight should the cap be tightened up?
  6. fauxpas

    Sprinting Question

    Can today's rear deraillers cop a gearchange on the fly? I took off beside some cars today with the front on the big 53 and I think I was in the middle of the rear 9. I maxed out round 40kph but didn't slap the rear up a gear for fear something might snap... Will a 105 cop that or is it a...
  7. fauxpas

    Strangest thing you've had in your Bidon

    OK, I gotta say I absolutely hate the taste of water. Tap water or bottled don't matter, I simply don't drink it. Because I'm on a diet, I don't drink sports drinks either. What I do put in my bidons is diet cordial. Yesterday I brewed up a cup of coffee not realising it was time to leave work...
  8. fauxpas

    105 Brakes over Sora Brakes

    K, wanna bring my bike up to 105, which means brakes and FD... I've asked about brakes before, but I'll ask again... Will 105 brakes with cartridge pads be noticably better than standard sora brakes?
  9. fauxpas

    Chamois Cream - How Much?

    OK, got my gerolsteiner stuff in the mail, and I forgot its the real McCoy and has chamois instead of the synthetic antibacterial pad... But how much cream do you apply for 20-50k rides? In the 'Hell On Wheels' DVD, the bloke puts on stacks onto Erik Zabel's pad...
  10. fauxpas

    AVATARS - Individualise them perleees

    OK, just noticing many people with the same Yoda avatar... gets confusing to me... How bout a lil indiviuality? Or are you all in some gay club you left me out of? :D
  11. fauxpas

    Threaded Valves - WHY?

    I rode my spare bike to work n back over the last 2 weeks as they were doing rail trackwork and I needed to lock my bike up at the rail station. Anyhow... I used my floor pump on the spare bike, which has threaded presta valves... omg, I'll never do it again... I could feel it rasping the...
  12. fauxpas

    Shock pump on road bike?

    I noticed shock pump claim to pump to really hi pressure and will likely have a schraeder valve. I have a presta-2-schraeder adapter and was thinking how bad normal mini pumps are, and asked myself, could the shock pump be used?
  13. fauxpas

    105 FD question

    I want to fit a 105 FD on my bike. I currently have a 105 RD (9 speed) and Tiagra FD. I suppose the 105 FD won't be a huge improvement, but I wanna get the bike up to 105 minimum spec. Problem is, I often see a 105 FD on ebay with my clamp size, but listed as a 10 speed. Will it work fine...
  14. fauxpas

    Aus buyers - Cheap Limar 909
  15. fauxpas

    Cheap Limar 909

    Like the Limar 909? Ebay seller has them for $199 delivered (express post). Ebay name is gallagherbike but real shop is Bike World in Victoria. Remember, Limar is becoming Rudy Project now, so the 909s will be the last of these beautiful helmets...
  16. fauxpas

    Crit racing

    Can someone link me to a comprehensive crit racing guide? cheers... ;)
  17. fauxpas

    Gerolsteiner Desktop

    Got bored and knocked this up. Team Gerolsteiner and some sexy chicks... Too big for attachment...
  18. fauxpas

    ProBikeKit - Discounts on Clothing

    Just bought some some discounted cycling gear... great for me in Aus, as summer's very close... lucky for me ProBikeKit is selling northern hemisphere summer weather gear...
  19. fauxpas

    What broke? Carbon or Alu?

    George Hincapie's stack due to a broken fork steerer. Was it Carbon or Alu? (The steerer that is)
  20. fauxpas

    Excuse me?

    This poor sap having himself on or what?