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  1. flea77

    Right hand Shimano shifter sometimes will not shift

    2003 Shimano Ultegra STI, 9 speed, low use, about 4,000 miles total Did not ride the bike for several years but it was kept inside in the air conditioning at all times. Sometimes when I try to downshift the rear gears the right shifter acts like it does not "catch". You swing it to the...
  2. flea77

    Anyone use Weyless R-19 Carbon Stem?

    Just wanted to know if anyone has experience with this stem. It looks nice, very light, low price. Just wondering if it is any good. Thanks! Allan
  3. flea77

    Road Riders Around Huntsville Texas?

    Just looking for other road riders in my area. I am very new and would love to get the chance to ride with someone who knew what they were doing, or even thought they knew, heh. Allan