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  1. Leozinho

    Centaur Fronts Shifter has 4 positions?

    I'm trying to make a Campy Centaur 3 triple front shifter work with a double Veloce FD (on a FSA double carbon crank.) All the components are used but appear to be in good condition. The Centaur shifter has four 'ratchets' (or positions, I guess.) I was expecting three, and to be able to use...
  2. Leozinho

    Cable guide underneath Bottom Bracket?

    What's that cable guide underneath the bottom bracket called, and where can I get one? Is a bike shop likely to stock them? I bought a frame on Ebay that didn't come with one (argh!). It's just got two holes in the bottom bracket shell: one in the middle that appears threaded and one to the...
  3. Leozinho

    Pro riders and stem length - what gives?

    I've been watching a lot of the Giro and flipping through all the magazines at Barnes and Noble lately, and have noticed that rarely, if ever, do the pro riders have the standard "text book" fit regarding stem/top tube length. Everything I've read says that the bar should obscure the sight of...
  4. Leozinho

    Looking for new Performance coupon

    Does anyone have a valid coupon code for Performance? The once posted earlier seem to have expired. Thanks.
  5. Leozinho

    Who's using a Coach (online or in person)?

    Hi, Who's using a coach? I'm getting back into cycling after an injury if forcing me to cut down my running milage (I had surgery to fix a broken metatarsal.) When I raced a bit in college 10 years ago, it seemed only a few folks had coaches, at least those of us Cat 4 and 5. At that level...
  6. Leozinho

    Anyone seen a good deal on a wheelset?

    Has anyone seen lately an especially good deal on a wheelset? I'm looking to spend $200 to $250. Chucksbikes has some Velocity wheels. Performance and Supergo, of course, have some house brands in my price range. Or maybe a pair of lightly used Rolf or Bontragers from Ebay would be the best...
  7. Leozinho

    Tsunami bike (again)

    Anyone know anything about Tsunami frames. A search turns up conflicting information. Seems that sometimes sells them, so I figured they are Taiwanese, probably made in the same factory as other bikes. Maybe even the same frame with different stickers. But I've also read they...
  8. Leozinho

    This must be a scam - Litespeed on Ebay

    This must be a scam. A 2005 Litespeed Blade full DA, and he wants to sell for $1550 - but only outside of Ebay. I almost don't feel sorry for anyone that falls for this.