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  1. dazman

    Richey Carbon Pro Forks

    Hi, I'm installing some Richey Carbon Pro Forks on my break-away frame and was wondering if anyone else has installed these forks? they come with two securing devices - the first looks like the bottom part of the old type friction stems (some sort of friction expansion device) and the second is...
  2. dazman

    Lightest Computer with Cedence?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a very light computer with cadence function? Ideally I'm looking for the lightest total kit with cables or wireless. cheers, :)
  3. dazman

    Max observed % FT improvement

    A question to the Trainers here: What's the best % improvement you have seen in a relatively untrained athlete? I ask becuase I've managed a 34% improvement to date (training and getting quick wins with cadence etc) but still need another 30% FT improvement or so to reach the w/kg target I have...
  4. dazman

    Decent High Rise Stem - Carbon bar Friendly

    Hi, I'm having to lose 4.5cm off my bar stack height to bring my forks back within manufacturer safety recommendations. I'm currently running a 11cm Ritchey WCS 4axis OS Road 84 degrees. I've ordered the same at 73 degree but I'm worried it will only give me 2 cm back. Can anyone recommend...
  5. dazman

    Bigger Rings on Triple DA

    Hi, I've got a triple DA crank on my training bike I bought for the mountains. I actually now need an option that allows me > 53 on the biggest ring for online TTs I'm doing. Does this exist even from custom guys as I cannot immedietly see as standard from online retailers. Otherwise, is there...
  6. dazman

    bike physics on wheels

    Hi, I saw was linked on another wheel question. I was very surprised about the low aero rating for zipp 404 (hub rating not so surprising). Do you guys believe this - There are so many pro triathletes using these for aero advantages that I have my...
  7. dazman

    Low cadence question

    Hi, So thanks to the PT and computrainer I realised I was much more efficient at low cadences of 67 to 70 rpm, rather than my previous Lance copied 90. For my flat course group rides with alot of drafting that means I need a 56/11 setup, which has made me a much, much faster rider. I...
  8. dazman

    WKO+ Seperate graph plots for two rides same day

    Hi, I'm trying to make a chart of average power v's average HR for every ride over a given period becuase I'm training indoors at the moment and the conditions are very repeatable for observing improvement. The problem is my rides on each day consist of a warmup (while I calibrate my...
  9. dazman

    Power Profile - Minimal Training

    Hi, Last season was the first time I really had time to train properly (around 15 hours a week) and I improved my FT from around 200 to 280 using the hunter plans. I've now got alot less time due to work and family commitments so I'm only doing a couple of half/1 hour sessions during the...
  10. dazman

    Wheel build on Zipp 24 hole hub for larger rider

    Hi, I have a set of zipp 404's and I built a Powertap into the rear leaving a spare 24 hole zipp hub. For my spare bike I'm thinking of pairing this hub with a DT Swiss RR 1.2 24H. silver/grey rim. I'm 86 kg/190 pounds so I was just wondering if there would be any strength issues given...
  11. dazman

    PT Zero Torque & Temp

    Hi, It's a hot summer where I am - upto 45 deg C / 113 deg F so I'm alternating between outdoor and indoor riding. It seems when I go from a zeroed torque indoors on the Powertap (20 deg C/ 68 deg F) to outdoors it can take about 5 zero procedures to get the power right (it's too high...
  12. dazman

    DA triple - will this work

    Hi, I'm doing the TDF Etape (200K in the Pyrenees) in a couple of weeks and I ordered a DA triple, together with triple shifters and front derailleur just in case I run out of gas on the final climbs. Has anyone had success with a 12-27 cassette and 52-30 crank with the standard...
  13. dazman

    Why so few DA triples?

    Hi, I currently have a DA 7800 double setup (came with the bike) and with a FT of only about 250 watts currently I’m going to need lower gears for some riding in the Pyrenees this summer while I train. I was just checking some comparative weights of the levers, crank and derailleur and I...
  14. dazman

    The perfect cycle computer

    Stealing the idea from the perfect sw thread. What would the perfect cycle computer have that is not available today? My main requests would be: - At least 6 key items of data onscreen at once. Speed, Power, Cadence, HR, SW & distance - Gradient, altitude and temperature all viewable...
  15. dazman

    Zero G Ti brakes

    Hi, I've just fitted some new Zero G Ti braekes and I'm a little concerned by Ultegra seem to stop alot better. Can anyone confirm that it's the black blocks that should be used for alu rims and the blue for carbon?
  16. dazman

    Power Training for the Etape

    I'm training for the etape du tour this year and after building a reasonable base with a 'just ride' plan I thought I'd try to put a plan together based on Allen/Coggans book. My goal is just to finish the 200K ride, with 5 alpine climbs comfortably in around 9 hours and I have 16 weeks left. I...
  17. dazman

    FTP percentage improvement?

    I'm curious as to what level of % increase I would expect from moving from unstructured base training to starting with a proper power plan over say a 4 month period. Does anyone have any recorded improvements, i.e +20% + 30% in FTP?
  18. dazman

    PT best vibration padding technique

    I’ve just got a new CPU (it has new printing '2.4 wired' now ), a new shark receiver and coded HR strap to solve my vibration and no HR issues under warranty. The returns policy of Saris is amazing btw - they send straight away without asking for the old unit back! I still appear to be...
  19. dazman

    Just Ride on power and not HR

    Hi, I've seen the replies to my previous posts when I discussed HR not working on PT along the lines of not needing it anyway. If you really never used HR can someone outline how you would know the intensity of your workout over time? I guess you test the initial max...
  20. dazman

    Anyone gone from a PT back to Polar?

    The PT SL has been a huge let down. After recieving just the hub for Christmas I built the wheel myself and it all took quite some time. To then have a unit that is DOR is unacceptable. I've sent it back for refund(internationally) as I cannot afford the time/money for another merry go round. In...