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  1. estolano

    Fat guy finishes Rosarito 50 miler!! What now?

    In my 9th week of cycling, I finished a 50 mile fun ride from Rosarito to Ensenada. It was a piece of cake...up until the 40th mile or so!! Then I ran out of gas and had to go on sheer will. Any tips for further training? Given that the race was Saturday, should I wait before hitting the...
  2. estolano

    Anyone tried a Reevu helmet?

    I've been looking at these helmets on the web for a couple months and am considering ordering one from England- but I was wondering if anyone has experience with them? They are the helmets that help you see behind you.
  3. estolano

    any advice on bike shoes (how not to fall?)

    I just got some bike shoes at my local trek store- they seem to work very well- it's a much better workout now. Only problem is, i've already fallen a couple times at stops- once because I couldn't unclip in time for a sudden stop and a second time because the shoes reclipped as I stopped...
  4. estolano

    advice for Big (i.e. heavy) new cyclist

    I've been cycling for 5weeks now and, while i've made some progress- I'm bicycling about 23 miles on a mostly flat path between imperial beach and coronado- i'm frustrated that i' pretty slow- usually between 10 and 15 miles/hour. Any tips on increasing my speed? Is traveling slow something I...
  5. estolano

    How good a bike do I need?

    I have a trek 7200fx that is still in the 1 month test ride period and am contemplating trading up for a better trek bike. I've been riding for 4 weeks- mostly on bike lanes in San Diego- and am pretty hooked on it. Is it a good idea to trade up for a better road bike? Does anyone like the...
  6. estolano

    training tips for Rosarito Ensenada race?

    My buddy and I each got bikes for our birthdays and have been riding for two weeks (probably about 10 mile rides) and are thinking of trying to complete the Rosarito to Ensenada bike race (about 50 miles up and down hills) on September 25. Is this too ambitious? Does anyone have tips as far as...