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  1. Erok32

    2021 emonda sl 5 vs sl 6

    I previously started a thread regarding a Cervelo and Colnago. However, I’ve definitively reduced my options to a Trek Emonda. I was sold on the SL 6, but considering that I am a tad too long for the 62cm frame, my salesperson. recommended the SL 5 with a 105 group set, and upgrading the...
  2. Erok32

    Things to look for in purchasing a new road bike

    First off, my sincere apologies for not using the search function before beginning this thread. I used this forum roughly 10 years ago to purchase my first decent road bike (Trek 1.5), and it’s seen a ton of love and miles. However, I’m at the point of upgrading. I went to my LBS recently for a...
  3. Erok32

    Entry Level Road Bike. Trek 1.2/1.5 vs. Defy 2/3

    Hello, Sorry for another "new to road bike" thread. I ride 2-3 x per week on mainly paved trails near chicago. Typical rides last 1-4 hrs and go for up to 45 miles. I love to ride fast, and I'd love to be able to ride longer, but the ergonomics of my hybrid trail bike causes my hands to...