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  1. guitarplyr2080

    frame color

    lost my website so figured i should post a picture of my frame...
  2. guitarplyr2080

    frame color

    no, that's not a dent. that's a distinguished design on the fondriest frames.
  3. guitarplyr2080

    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    i know what you meant by this statement, but you have to be careful how things come out. my bro-in-law is about 210 lbs, but dropped down to that from about 50 lbs. more (and can't really lose much more due to his large bone structure). he rides a litespeed ti bike, which i believe is perfect...
  4. guitarplyr2080

    What to say when passing

    you can always yell "VREDESTEIN!" which is Dutch for "On Your Left" :D
  5. guitarplyr2080

    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    :D i guess you could say that. it's actually gonna be a budget bike for now. if i decide i love the frame, i'll rebuild it again someday decked out with campy record and all.
  6. guitarplyr2080

    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    here's my new purchase....a casati monza frame with look hsc carbon fork and cane creek headset. i'll be building it up with ultegra build kit. not sure what wheels to get yet (between kysriums, cosmics, and velomax).
  7. guitarplyr2080

    anyone from ohio?

    glad to know there's some others from ohio....especially those from central ohio.
  8. guitarplyr2080


    anyone here have cycling tattoos on their body? i've seen some really sweet ones in the past. not sure i'd get one, but curious if anyone has one. post pics if you got em! clark
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    anyone else??
  10. guitarplyr2080

    Cane Creek Team Ti carbon wheels

    yeah, you could tell they were good and stiff from the sound. kind of a whirring noise i guess.
  11. guitarplyr2080

    Wheelset for Clydes

    check out the velomax orion II. made for heavier riders and are pretty darn light.
  12. guitarplyr2080

    Your Ride!

    currently riding a mid 90's cannondale r300 2.8 all aluminum frame with low end shimano stuff. thought about rebuilding it, but decide to use to train on this winter and purchased a used Casati Monza frame. will be building it up with shimano ultegra 9 speed group...wheelset still to be decided.
  13. guitarplyr2080

    Building a "Balanced" Bike...

    better start out with a good frame. you can't build a good bike without a good platform to start with. putting excellent components on a crappy frame still makes it a crappy bike. same with the components. XT will serve you pretty well without spending the money on XTR. i have all XT on my...
  14. guitarplyr2080

    Installing A Cassette

    there's some really good information on this procedure on the park tools website. check it out....
  15. guitarplyr2080

    Question about Rims

    the ceramics are super nice. my bro-in-law rides on them and they have incredible stopping power (coupled with the correct pads) and they don't put off heat like a lot of other rims do. you hold your finder on the side of the rim while it's spinning fast and you don't feel any heat at all...not...
  16. guitarplyr2080

    Where to buy shorts at a good price in USA?

    used to ride in a pair of "showy" trek/vw shorts, but the chamois is ****. just got a set of bib/shorts from performance and they blow the name brand shorts away. even though they're plain black, they still rock!
  17. guitarplyr2080

    Cane Creek Team Ti carbon wheels

    i can't speak from experience, but i saw a guy using them a couple weekends ago in a crit race. needless to say, he lapped the entire field once and could've done it twice. the wheels looked and sounded great. the roads were partly brick and very abusive, but from what i could tell, they worked...
  18. guitarplyr2080

    frame color

    none other than the fine mix of simple colors the italian way...
  19. guitarplyr2080

    Beginner wanting to become a pro.

    one helpful thing i've found is to watch crit races even before you're ready to race. it helps you learn what racing is all about and what all is involved. if there's a local bike shop that has a team, go and try to hang out with them to get the inside scoop on things. it helps to know what crit...
  20. guitarplyr2080

    Cannondale R1000 vs. Cervelo Soloist?

    dude it's cool. i can get heated up sometimes too. but we're all fellow cyclists trying help each other out, not bash each other or each others bikes. apology accepted. ride on!