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  1. lol168

    Freewheel wobbling

    Hi cyclists, I recently finished reinstall shifter/brake and all cables for a friend of mine, but during my installation, I found out that her mountain bike freewheel would wobbling a little bit when the bike was on bike stand and I looked at it from rear. This is probably beyond my...
  2. lol168

    Which one to install first?

    Hi guys, If I'm going to install a set of new rapid fire shifter / brake. combo, does it matter which one I shall install first to make the adjustment a hut easier in the process? I mean should I install the front cable first, or the rear derailleur cable first?? Thanks for any advise!
  3. lol168

    Only has 2 clicks on the front 3 gear shifter

    Hi all, I'm planning to install a shift cable for my friend's bike since it was forever missing,... but before I do so, I opened the cover and tested by just clicking. I found that only 2 solid clicks available while this bike has 3 front gear (see my picture attachment) Is...
  4. lol168

    Chain link problem,.. or what?

    Hi all, I recently noticed that when my road bike is on the highest gear, that is: 53/11, "one" of my chain links won't glide on the rear (11 teeth) cog smoothly. I mean that particular link just not align, and I. saw it has to "click in rather than glide in. My front chainring is compact...
  5. lol168

    Quiet Shifting, is it achievable?

    I wonder if SUPER quiet, smooth gear shifting is achievable at all, regardless of what brand/model of your grouppo? Like the You Tube videos I saw - by just adjusting the derailleur /cable tension? (The quiet ones I saw on the videos are always Ultegra or above, actually) Currently I don't...
  6. lol168

    Front derailleur barrel adjustment

    Hi all, Appreciate for any advise re front barrel adjustors: After watching some YouTube I finally went ahead lowered the front derailleur to: (a) Close the big gap between the cage/ chainring; (b) minimize the chain rubbing issue. During this process I found out that the front barrel adjustor...
  7. lol168

    A "dip" on my rear road tire

    Hi folks, Can anyone please advise if I should be concern about this slightly uneven (a dip?) that was found on my rear road tire? Or, is it just something very common? Thanks in advance! P. S. Tire pressure around 108. No air leak observed.
  8. lol168

    Chain rubbing outer plate of cage on front

    Just got a new bike from LBS: Trek Lexa SLX C (compact), and I got a question: When chain is on the largest cog in front, and smallest cog in rear, and it was rubbing the cage. Actually, the chain will start rubbing the outer plate of cage when rear gear was on 7th gear,... and this is not...
  9. lol168

    Numbness on hands & Presta vs Schrader

    Hi all, I'm a totally novice and brand new to this forum. This forum is very informative and just making me more interested to learn! I'm 5'1 riding Trek WSD 7.2FX. Recently went to dealer and asked for help, did seat adjustment, and replace bar grip to the ergonomic ones. Numbness...