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  1. mikesbytes

    Why do you ride?

    A picture tells it all, I'm the bloke on the front
  2. mikesbytes

    Why do you ride?

    It is what I do
  3. mikesbytes

    Hill Climbs - Stand up? or sit down?

    Love the way it mixes metric and imperial
  4. mikesbytes

    Why is Lance getting so BIG? Pics...

    What is he holding?
  5. mikesbytes

    Any one Using Viagra

    I hear that if a female takes Viagra, she ends up with a massive headach
  6. mikesbytes

    Weird stuff seen on your Commute?

    Like this one?
  7. mikesbytes

    Cycling forums banned

    Bike **** ?
  8. mikesbytes

    Cycling forums banned

    If I use my laptop at the local library (Marrickville Library in Sydney Australia) I get a message saying this site has been blocked due to inappropriate content :)
  9. mikesbytes

    To all contemplating deep dish bling wheels

    Even more important is torso position, as the torso provides more wind drag than any other body or bike part.
  10. mikesbytes

    considering Speedplay

    Some people are better off without float as they don't put their feet in the correct spot if they use float. In regards to Speedplay vs Look, I doubt that there would be any difference in power transfer.
  11. mikesbytes


    Look 3 bolt design. You can get rattrap cleats that use the rear 2 bolts, a pair may of come with your shoes, as Shimano often include them.
  12. mikesbytes

    Laptop Stolen! Thief using it and being watched!!

    Can the location be traced thru the ISP ?
  13. mikesbytes

    ?Sydney aggro drivers / Latest RIDE magazine

    There is a lot of driver hostility in Sydney, but its not just directed at cyclists, its directed at everyone. Truth is that 99% of drivers are careful and considerate, but 1% is a hell of a lot of **** heads.
  14. mikesbytes

    Are bladed spokes a big deal?

    So how much do cx ray spokes cost?
  15. mikesbytes

    Look Cleat Pedals

    I use zero float cleats. With zero float cleats, they need to be setup exactly right, if you do not have the skills to set them up exactly right, then you are safer with the 10% float ones, as this caters for setup error.
  16. mikesbytes

    Recumbents in the TDF?

    Isn't that siding with the emeny?
  17. mikesbytes

    Recumbents in the TDF?

    And baggy pants with no underwear is also a bad look.
  18. mikesbytes

    drops vs aero bars?

    There are some good answers to this question and the Data that 531Aussie has provided is useful for the explanation. A common statement is that at 40kph, 80% of the effort goes into pushing air out of the way. The bulk of this air is on the body and the largest part of the body is the torso...
  19. mikesbytes

    What gear do you leave your bike in?

    I just fill the frame with helium. Helps with weight reduction too.