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    Melb: Cyclist killed on Kingsway

    and then there is this:,23607,5006863-5007150-2,00.html
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    Polar cr*p

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    Polar cr*p

    Hah!my HRM won't transmit/pick-up when too close to my bluetooth mobile.
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    SBS TDF Coverage

    Is it just me or were there about 1,234,487 ads during the prologue alone?:eek: Of course there were only about 3 distinct ads... SBS moving to being a fully commercial station
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    Helmet debate, helmet debate

    If they are so concerned about the helmet messing up their carefully arranged hair (of course the blowing wind whilst on the bike would do the same) and not so concerned about their personal safety, the social cost of health care if they crash, etc then why don't they just go for a walk!? it's...
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    Stem mount for Polar HRM - anyone?

    Hi! Would anyone know where I can find a mount for polar HRM to sit it just in front of the stem. I can only find ones that sit to the side. Maybe someone tri minded might know. Thanks!!!
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    Helmet debate, helmet debate

    from recent personal experience....take cyclist, make him fall head first into ground at 37km/hr, have another rider on bike run over head - take away helmet - what next? yuh sure helmets are useless....yup yup....get rid of them!
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    Perth Freeway Bike Hike distance

    dead on 29km
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    Watch out for this 4WD driver (Sydney)

    hope u recover soon tanya...
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    SMS driver gets 4 yrs

    will it ever change....the fact that these accidents do not change anything is just plain sad oh and let's not have another "youse a dumb block-head mate" slinging match as per my similar remarks with reference to German driver and Australian women's cyclists...
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    Numb toe

    any back problems in the past?
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    Gillett's life is worth $2000 + 8 months driving suspension

    Whilst normally my small and inexperienced brain matter would fail to comprehend the deep and insightful reply, which only contains subtle emotional undertones, I might do so with the use of the Oxford dictionary and the help of a linguist. The phrase knucle-head defeats me, however, as I only...
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    Gillett's life is worth $2000 + 8 months driving suspension would appear...
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    Road bike hire Melbourne

    thanks!!! i will definitely look into these guys. i won't be in melb until 31 dec but am planning early to book a bike for hire etc. will look for rides closer to date. thanks again.
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    Road bike hire Melbourne

    Hi all! I am going to visit Melbourne in the first week of January and have a triathlon soon after returning home. Is there any place to hire a good quality road bike (anything running at least 105) for a few days? thanks :)
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    Name of Perth Bicycle Shops???

    And there are a couple of good bike shops in Fremantle, which is on the way to Busselton.
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    Terror cyclists beware

    actually it seems that you know more than you you will have to kill yourself! :D
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    theft happens to everyone

    the age/Melb Rider stunned as thief steals his wheels By Melissa Ryan October 20, 2005 English cyclist Kristian House was the victim of a robbery when his $4000 bicycle - which he was to have ridden in Saturday's Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic - was stolen from a Melbourne hotel. Having...
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    Removing rear wheel on my Road Bike

    my thinking is that you should be able to remove and replace your rear wheel just by handling through the derailleur - almost no need to touch the chain. i just pull back and up which opens up the chain to the correct placement and just either pull the wheel up and to the side...or slip it in...
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    Fixie wrangling part 4 - more parts in the bits box

    have drop bars but also in perth, so kind of far...