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  1. hippy

    SRM vs Computrainer power readings

    I have a similar issue with an ebay-purchased Computrainer. It's reading ~100W higher than my Powertap. Where on the CT unit is the adjustable pot? I'm going to run my other bikes over the CT to confirm that it is the CT that's incorrect before I adjust anything but it's well out of...
  2. hippy

    bicycle choice

    Wow, there's a blast from the past. I don't think I've logged into CF for the last 5 years.. hippy
  3. hippy

    EPO etc

    Hang on, if the side-effects of a drug are bugger-all and the benefits are rather good (I'm thinking paracetamol or aspirin) then how is that NOT SAFE? What about blood pressure drugs that people would die without taking? Surely the side-effects of these are of little consequence? What's unsafe...
  4. hippy

    Final Day TdF coverage from SBS

    We (myself and some london forumers) are organising a team to go over there. By our reckoning, there will be no riders left by tomorrow and we will be able to roll into Paris victorious in our first Tour de France! hippy
  5. hippy

    Cadel now the Favourite ??

    Good. Never liked that scrawny chickenbreast. Liked the McNugget even less given his antics with Contador two stages ago. Bye bye! burgurk! hippy
  6. hippy

    EPO etc

    Amphetamines. They're your best bet for shaving a few seconds off your commute time. That, and getting up 30min earlier to beat the traffic. The latter isn't really a banned substance so can be ignored. Benefit is you also get a lot more cleaning done and can enjoy the clubbing scene all while...
  7. hippy

    Flying Scotman

    I saw it the other week so I can review it. Will they fly me home so I can watch it again? I thought it was cool but I love the Hour and in particular Obree's story. I've read his book and the film is a very condensed version. Some of the riding scenes look a bit cheesy but it's a good...
  8. hippy

    Rasmussen, Bizarre

    I always mix up Switzerland and Sweden. I know which is which but I say the wrong one, like temporary dislexia or something. Looks like he did the same. What's the big deal? hippy slip'a the tongue
  9. hippy

    Cadel Evans

    Cadel just needs to speak to Landis and ask him about what he had for dinner before stage 17 last year. C'arn Cadel!!! hippy
  10. hippy

    some tour prologue photo's i took

    Here's some of mine: hippy
  11. hippy

    DWTV feature on TDF

    From the 200 people on the Peurto(sp?) list.. how many of them from the OTHER sports have been ousted? Yeah, exactly. Stupid fscking biased papers always focusing on the wrong thing because saying that footballers dope might hurt sales. Glad I don't buy news any more. hippy
  12. hippy

    New tyres for the SS

    I think you can get the Schwalbe Marathon in 1.5" width as well. I THINK they are the tyres currently on the GT's wheels.. they were working well before the frame snappage. hippy
  13. hippy

    a.b TdF thread? Yes? No? Maybe?

    Funny you should mention Robbie. During the live Eurosport coverage the commentators were chatting idly and then along rides Robbie.. whips out his todger, mid-shot, commentators are "woah Robbie natural break blah" and camera pans away quickly.. One of the other riders was fined for pissing...
  14. hippy

    Did anyone else feel a tad chilly this morning? (Melbourne)

    Well, the English summer ended a month ago. I think we've had 30min of blue skies since then. Drizzley bazztard weather.. reminds me of Melbourne.. in WINTER. Temps are still low-20's so it's actually okay for riding in. Shame I couldn't get my tan any darker though - especially heading into...
  15. hippy

    TdF bad glasses award

    I didn't even notice Cancel's glasses but Millar's!! OMG.. I think I had a pair like that when I was a 10yo! Go the 80's! :S hippy "you spin me right round baby right round like a record baby"
  16. hippy

    TdF ads, a lot less offensive than last year

    Yeah, I record the live British Eurosport coverage with my Sky+ box and the format is: 1hr: sit in studio talking bollocks 100k to go: switch to race or something like that. There's also nightly highlights on British Eurosport (Duffield) and ITV4 (Liggett & Sherwin) hippy
  17. hippy

    Shoes - Velcro vs. Ratchet

    Have you got a model number or link to the pair you are talking about?
  18. hippy


    Twas a fantastic ride!!! I watched it live(ish) on Sky and the tension in that last 20k was amazing!! The British Eurosport commentators were going mental because there was a crash and then Cavendish (welsh youngster) crashed into a spectator and then had bike trouble and THEN wasn't allowed to...
  19. hippy

    Shoes - Velcro vs. Ratchet

    Well I'm still using my Nike ACG or AGC or whatver shoes. They were laced but I ditched the laces almost immediately and have used the two velcro straps since. These shoes must be 8+ years old and have been used for commuting, road racing, mtb rides, touring, even a bit of track (I suggest NOT...
  20. hippy

    What's the deal with getting pulled over by the cops?

    On Jul 6, 2:01 pm, "Dave" <[email protected]> > It's *easy* to clock 50km/h on a decent downhill on a suburban st, and > there are plenty of hills near schools as well, dropping the requirement > to 40km/h. "This guy I know" has hit 85 down a hill in what is nominally a > 60 zone. 1/20...