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    Need to order complete headset!

    I have a bare carbon frame and a bare carbon fork. I need a headset with crown and all the other little pieces. Is there a kit I can order with everything in it? Any suggestions on what type I should buy?
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    Need to order right tubular tires.

    When I ordered my wheelset I thought tubular meant they use regular tubes. I ordered this wheelset...
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    Hello everyone! The back of my balls are killing me!

    I've been out of the cycling since July and I'm trying to get back into it. I use to do 50mi rides like nothing and did 2 100+ mile rides summer of 2011. I brought down my trainer and have been trying to do at least 15 min every day. The problem is my gunch is though enough yet and my saddle is...
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    Should I go back to my LBS?

    I have always bought everything and done everything on my own at home or on the Internet. I went to my LBS yesterday and my rear Michelin Pro 3 had a tear in it. He replaced the tube and Sole me a rear Vittoria Rubino PRO Slick. I also purchased the Uvex FP3 helmet. As expected I would pay more...
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    Someone in China has a sense of humor with all these knockoffs

    I saw this and laughed
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    Anyone else get an erection from watching Thomas de Gendt?

    Not because of the guy.....ewwww; but, because the Bianchi Oltre? They were showing the bike a lot because he was in first and damn that's a fine looking bike. If you haven't guessed yet I am a Bianchi nut!
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    Where to find a road partner who isn't so funny.

    I'm 30 and looking for someone to ride with in NY around the same age. I went to a couple of different club meetings and it always seems to be older people who are, well, funny.
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    National structure or organization? Very confuse!!!

    Quote: Following the American Cycling Association's vote to re-join USA Cycling on Friday night, the sport's national governing body is pleased to welcome the American Cycling Association (ACA) into the sport's international structure. “USA Cycling is very pleased and honored that the...
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    Can I use Dura Ace brifters with my Sora groupset

    I need to replace my brifters and was wondering my current Sora setup is 2x9. If I get 2x9 Dura Ace brifters can I use them with my current drivetrain?
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    Who or what do you route for? Confused newb!

    This was my first season of watching professional cycling. My favorite team was Androni Giocattoli and on an international level was Omega Pharma Lotto. Next year Omega Pharma and Lotto will be splitting up. What now? How do you chose who to route for? Do you route for a cycllist or for a team...
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    Illegal Cycling

    I had a great ride today from Wantagh to Cedar Beach. The only problem was once I got to Ocean Parkway I saw a million signs that said "No Cycling". I had to make it to beach blast and wasn't going to turn around so I started to ride down Ocean Parkway. I honestly feel it was the nicest and...
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    Need help with replacing wheelset or rear hub?

    I have a bad rear hub and don't want to spend a lot of money on my bike. Should I replace the rear hub or buy a cheap wheelset($100)? When looking for a hub what should I look for? I have an 18 spd. Are my rims decent rims?
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    Just got my CF seatpost for $64.00 - I think i messed up

    I bought it from this guy 3act**/?_trksid=p4340.l2559 its very light and looks good except the angle of the saddle. Any ideas on adjusting it? Shouldn't it be called a saddle post? before after
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    Help! Loose front end after stem install

    I installed my new stem and spaces. I noticed that the front end (tube going through front of frame connecting stem and for) has a very slight wiggle room.. When I ride over a bump i hear it clank. Any ideas?
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    Help I think my bike has a gambling problem!

    Whenever I stop pedaling it sounds like my bike is playing roulette. I think its a bearing or something?
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    Help with stem

    I'm looking at buying a new cf stem. I currently have this one or It at least looks like that one I'm not sure of the actual size. My torso always...
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    Feet problem and SPD pedals

    After the 30 mile mark my feet start to swell up and throb. On the century I knew better and kept loosening my shoes. I searched and am a little confused. I have read multiple replies to this problem. Are my shoes to tight? They fit comfortable and are even a little loose when I first put...
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    I finished my first Century

    I was looking for the post when I first signed up asking if I could train enough by June 18th and most people said they didnt think so. I didnt train enough but I still completed it in 6.5 hours (Riding time).
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    Mile-a-Minute Murphy

    Is anyone familiar with Mile-a-Minute Murphy? I grew up in Babylon and just wanted to know if this is just a locally known person or if he was really significant. For those of you who never heard of him:
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    How do you pronounce Selev?

    How do you pronounce Selev?